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Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Phone 1 Review

Nothing Phone 1 was very much discussed in the market for some time now, finally this smartphone has been launched in India, now we have to see what is so special about this mobile that it will be available at the same price. What makes you different from the mobile coming in, for this you have to Nothing Phone 1 Review Will have to see. This could be the first smartphone in India that comes with Transparent Design and it is giving a very different look. There is a line of people who have booked the mobile.

Nothing has been launched by Carl Pei, Co-Founder of Oneplus, before the launch of this smartphone, he has also launched a Nothing Ear 1 in the market, this product was also liked by the public, now it is the turn of this smartphone Nothing Phone 1 Will people like it or not?

Nothing Phone 1 Specifications

Before buying this smartphone, you must know Nothing Phone 1 Specification so that you can know whether buying this mobile will be right for you or not? Because there are many such mobiles which look very attractive, but due to their low RAM and processor, you are not able to do gaming properly. Before telling its features, let’s talk about the design of this mobile, then you will like it very much if you see it in one go because its back design was kept very unique according to the rest of the smartphone.

As soon as you call on this mobile, some lights of white color in the back turn on which gives a premium feel, this mobile comes in two colors White & Black where most of the people are in order to order Nothing Phone 1 White only. is engaged. If we talk about the display, then a 6.55 inch screen is given in it, which is an OLED display in which 1B colors are available, if you use the mobile in the sun, then you will not have any problem of brightness, 120Hz refresh rate also. Get.

It gets Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ Processor which is a new processor but it is not that it will give you very good performance but it is so much that as many smartphones that come around its price, you will get the same performance very comfortably. The best thing is that it will feel like stock Android, no unnecessary application has been installed, due to which this phone is able to run a little faster.

CameraRear Camera = (50 MP, f/1.9,) (50 MP, f/2.2, 114˚ ultrawide)   Front Camera = 16MP f/2.5,
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 778G+
Screen6.55 inch 1080 x 2400 pixels, 120Hz Refresh Rate
Storage128GB + 256GB
Charging Capacity33W Fast Charging

1. Design

First of all, let’s talk about the design of this mobile, its look is being liked by everyone and it is also that most of the people are planning to buy it only because of its best design, because it has Transparent Back Design where it is available. But there are white lights on the corner of Camera and Wireless Charging, which looks very beautiful.

Its design is somewhat similar to the Iphone 13, when you take it in your hand, you will feel like you have taken the Iphone 13, just a few things, if they were, it would be even better like Alert Slider and 3.5 mm Jack Well now very few mobiles get jack but still there is a demand of many people that jack should have been there.

In terms of design, this mobile will not disappoint you from anywhere, the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 has been given on both the back and front side of this mobile, due to which your mobile will be safe.

2. Display

Its screen size is 6.55 inches, which according to me, mobiles with the same screen size are good, if the screen size is big, then because of that the mobile does not hold properly in the hand and is not that comfortable either.

This is an OLED screen, due to which you will see all the colors absolutely accurate, if you are going to use this mobile for media consumption, then it will be absolutely fine for you, there will be no problem in watching movies or web series Netflix, Amazon Prime But HDR10+ support is also available to watch HD content.

Its Screen to Body Ratio is of 85%, due to which the bezels are rarely visible on the screen and you do not face any problem while watching the video, for gaming, a smartphone with a screen is needed which this mobile fulfills.

Due to the high refresh rate, there will be a lot of smoothing feeling while using the mobile, but due to this being 120hz, the battery of the mobile is more, so if you want, you can keep it by setting it to 90hz so that you will get a longer battery life. Backup can be found.

3. Camera

More Megapixel camera is not necessary in the phone, if you notice, Iphone still does not have more Megapixel camera but still it clicks very good photos, if we talk about Nothing Phone 1 Camera then it has Rear It has 2 cameras, in which the first camera is 50 megapixels, whose aperture is f/1.9 and it also has OIS.

Due to OIS, you can record more stable video, if you have to record any video in which you have to record video while walking or running, then due to OIS at that time, you get a lot of stable photoage.

With this you can also do 4K video recording which will be at 30FPS and if you want to do 60FPS video recording, then for that you have to do video recording in 1080P mode.

After this, the secondary camera, which is an Ultra Wide Angle Camera, is also of 50 megapixels, with the help of this you can click videos and photos only up to 114˚.

Now let’s talk about Front Camera, it has 16 Megapixel camera so that you can take good photos in both Day & Night Mode, but I felt here that maybe they should have given at least 32 Megapixel camera.

4. Processor

The life of any smartphone is its processor, if you have an old or slow processor installed in your mobile, then because of this you will have a lot of problem in using mobile and there may be mobile hang again and again.

If you look at Nothing Phone 1 Processor, then a new processor has been installed in it, which is Snapdragon 778G Plus, it is an Octa Core Processor which you can also call an upgrade version of Snapdragon 778.

It has been made only for doing special gaming because now very heavy games have started being made, for which processors will also be needed according to them, that is why this processor is also good for gaming.

When the BGMI test was done in Nothing Phone 1, the gaming experience was very good, but no frame drop or lag issue nor heating issue was found, so it is known that it will be fun to gaming.

But this is not a smartphone for people who do heavy games, if they do gaming in a short time throughout the day, then it is fine.

5. Battery

How much battery backup any mobile will give, it also depends on its software, for those of you who like Stock Android, then this is the good news for you that you will feel exactly like Stock Android, there is no Boltware because of which Does not consume much battery.

Nothing Phone 1 has a battery of 4500mAh, which is fine if it is seen keeping in mind its Software Optimization, it also supports 33W Charger, so you do not need to worry, with the help of this you can charge it in less time. Will be able to

Just as no charger is provided with the iPhone, in the same way you will not get to see any Charging Adapter, it seems like a bit of a problem, you may have to spend a little more money to buy it.

Or if you have a Wireless Charger, then it can also be used, but it is able to support charging up to 15W only and if you ever need Reverse Charging, then it can be beneficial for you.

6. RAM & Storage

Due to having more RAM, you can run more than one app at the same time without any lag, just for this your mobile should have good RAM, this mobile comes in 3 variants whose RAM & Storage is 8GB + 128GB, There is 8GB + 256GB, 12GB + 256GB, you can buy the variant according to your need.

The RAM given in this is LPDDR4X RAM which is the best RAM ever, its storage type is UFS 3.1, due to which you also get very good speed.

Nothing Phone 1 Review

By now you must have come to know very well about Nothing Phone 1 Specifications, now we are going to tell you Nothing Phone Review, what all the people who bought it have to say about this phone so that we will know whether this Nothing Is it right to buy Phone 1?

First of all, if you want a mobile with a unique design, then blindly you can buy it because no mobile can compete with it in terms of design, yet any company’s mobile has to see this type of design. no mi

This is the first Smartphone of La Hai and Nothing, so keeping that in mind, they have done a very good job.

When you run this mobile, you will get to see a very good experience, this is the reason because it also gets some customization with Stock Android, Icons are very well placed in some places.

Notification Panel is also very different and the camera application has not been changed much, just as the Camera App of the smartphone has Potrait Mode, Night Mode or Pro Mode, in the same way it will also be available in it.

There is no complaint with the camera quality as well, all the photos seen by clicking on it, all the brightness and colors have been maintained properly, if the charging capacity is increased from 33W to a little more then it would be good. A 67W charger is also given in the mobile coming in this price.

This is a 5G Smartphone, although full information about its bands is not yet available and support of WIFI 6 is also given, which is considered one of the essential things.

Nothing Phone 1 Price In India

According to the type of this smartphone is made, then its pricing has been kept right, what I had estimated before the release of this smartphone, its price has been around the same.

If you have a credit card of Flipkart Axis Bank, then you can also get some discount on paying with it or you can also wait for the offer to start to buy this mobile.

8GB+ 128GB₹ 31,999

What do you think? The price of this smartphone is right or not, tell us your thoughts.

Nothing Phone 1 Booking

After collecting so much information about this mobile, you must have been completely satisfied that let’s buy it, then let me tell you that if you want to buy it, then you can get it by visiting

At this time most of the people are engaged in doing Nothing Phone 1 Book, that’s why it may be that you will be shown Out of Stock now but you will select Notify Me there, then as soon as the stock is updated, you will be informed about it. Then you can order your Nothing Phone 1.

i hope you Nothing Phone 1 Review Must have liked how many such people are there among you who were waiting for the launch of this mobile mobile and now how many of you have also booked this mobile, tell them all by writing in the comment box below.