Not one or two, but these plants give oxygen for 24 hours

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Today let us tell you about such plants which give oxygen not only in the morning or day but for the whole 24 hours. You must keep such plants in your home.

You must have heard this many times in your childhood that plants should not be touched or be around them at night, because they release carbon dioxide. But is this completely true? Because now most of us have a lot of plants in our homes. Then, when plants release carbon dioxide, how safe is it to keep plants indoors? Now let us tell you that this concept is not completely correct. There are many such plants in it which give oxygen even at night. You must be surprised to hear this, but it is true.

If you ask which plant gives 24 hours of oxygen, the answer is not one but many plants come with the ability to give oxygen at night.

By now you must have heard that during the day the plant absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and produces O2 through photosynthesis. At night, they release carbon dioxide as a respiratory process. There are some plants, however, that reverse this process and release oxygen for 24 hours.

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snake plant

Snake plant is the safest plant for bedroom, as it gives 24 hours of oxygen. Snake plants or syngoniums can absorb carbon-dioxide as well as formaldehyde from the air. It is very easy to care for and makes cleaning a breeze. It does not even need to be watered regularly, yes just avoid over watering. Bright and indirect sunlight is good for this plant.

areca palm plant

areca palm plant

Areca palm is a very popular house plant but few people know that it gives 24 hours of oxygen. It not only adds beauty to your drawing room, but also makes the air breathable by adding O2 and removing pollutants. It is also easy to care for. areca palm It needs indirect light and should be watered only when you see that the soil above it has dried up.

Aloe Vera Plant

aloe vera plant

The benefits of Aloe Vera are countless. It is known as the most beneficial house plant. Apart from its medicinal value, this plant also releases oxygen at night and makes the indoor air breathable. It can also absorb toxins like aldehydes and benzene and hence is known as super plant. It is a low maintenance plant that prefers dry, hot and sunny weather. Just make sure not to over-water this plant as it is very harmful for Aloe Vera.

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money plant

money plant

There is hardly any house in India where money plant is not installed, but few people know that it produces oxygen for 24 hours. You can plant this beautiful vine near the window in your bedroom. Let us tell you that it also helps in sleep disorders. Money plant leaves absorb toxins from the air and give off fresh oxygen round the clock. This easy-to-grow plant prefers a location in the house with indirect sunlight. This Lucky Plants It is also said and believed that it can bring good luck and prosperity.

orchid plant

orchid plant

This plant can be a good choice for both your living room and bedroom. Do you know that perfumes are also made from it? orchid flowers They add a positive vibe and this plant also releases oxygen at night. It absorbs the pollutants in the house paints. You can also give it as a gift. It makes the air in the house fresh. This oxygen plant can grow in dry soil.

Now you must also keep these plants in your house and do not worry that these plants will harm you at night. We hope you like this information. Like and share this and stay connected with Harzindagi to read more such interesting articles.

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