Noah Cyrus Recreates Her and Miley Cyrus’ Throwback Paparazzi Video

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Noah Cyrus was the adorable sister of Miley Cyrus, who was a Disney Channel star at the time and regularly appears in paparazzi shots walking alongside the “7 Things” singer.

Noah recreates one of those classic paparazzi videos. In a video posted on TikTok on Monday, May 30, Noah recreates one of the paparazzi videos in a video with Miley and their mom, Tish. In the video, a young blonde-haired Noah stands there with his arms crossed as a fan snaps a cover phone photo of his older sister.

Noah Cyrus has detailed a long list of misunderstandings about his famous name.

Noah Cyrus has been candid about how his upbringing was influenced by having a famous sister and father (Billy Ray Cyrus). The “lonely” singer highlighted the nickname “Hannah Montana’s sister” and other names that don’t belong to her in tmrw magazine’s 2020 issue of The Mischief. “How is it that no one comes to call you by your first name?” cried Cyrus, the youngest.

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Noah Cyrus has spawned numerous misconceptions, including the belief that he has an impenetrable shell for hurtful words. Still, he felt sharply the impact of insults made to him, even from a computer or phone screen. “I believe the weird thing about people on the internet is that if you have a well-known last name, they think that whatever they say to you won’t hurt your feelings and that what they say about you won’t reach you. hurt you,” he told tmrw.

“People who perceive you as just a people have no mercy”. He said that what pissed him off the most was that people believed they could say whatever they wanted. “It won’t have any consequences or affect anything since it’s been said on the internet.” Whether you’re famous or not, it still hurts to read the s’s I’ve been reading since I was little. A lot of people get this every day and it’s done, man.”

The 22-year-old singer’s latest album, The Hardest Part, will be released on July 15 via RECORDS/Columbia.

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Noah Cyrus Recreates Her and Miley Cyrus Throwback Paparazzi Video Noah Cyrus Recreates Her and Miley Cyrus' Throwback Paparazzi Video

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