New York State is suing Amazon, accusing it of discriminating against pregnant and disabled workers

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  • New York state’s Human Rights Service filed a discrimination lawsuit against Amazon on Wednesday.
  • It says Amazon does not provide accommodation for pregnant and disabled workers.
  • In one case, a pregnant worker claimed she was injured after having to carry heavy boxes.

New York State sued Amazon on Wednesday, accusing the e-retail giant of discriminating against pregnant and disabled workers.

Governor Kathy Hochul said in a statement. expression The New York State Department of Human Rights filed the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleged that Amazon’s policies forced pregnant and disabled workers to take unpaid leave by refusing reasonable accommodations, according to the statement. He claimed that Amazon allowed field managers to override recommendations made by designated “Hospitality Advisors.”

The lawsuit cited certain cases that Amazon believed violated workers’ rights, the governor’s statement said.

This includes a pregnant Amazon worker who, according to the lawsuit, was asked to be exempted from lifting boxes that weighed nearly 25 pounds, but was refused by her manager and subsequently injured.

In another instance, the lawsuit alleged that a worker with a disability provided documents proving they must adhere to a specific sleep schedule, but Amazon executives refused to change their shifts to accommodate it.

In a third case, a disabled worker’s request to reduce working hours was denied, according to the statement.

Insider was unable to find a copy of the case.

This isn’t the first time Amazon has been accused of refusing accommodation to pregnant workers. assistant He reported that in July 2021, a pregnant warehouse worker requested lighter duties, but his request was denied. The worker also told Vice that her manager had repeatedly questioned why she was taking longer bathroom breaks.

According to a letter reviewed by Vice. The worker miscarried and was denied medical clearance by Amazon.

in 2019 CNET He reported that Amazon has faced seven wrongful termination lawsuits in the previous four years from workers who said they were fired because they were pregnant.

When Amazon contacted Insider for comment outside of normal business hours, it did not immediately respond.

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