New Update Deadpool 3 Confirms Hugh Jackman as Wolverine With Teaser Trailer news and updates

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Well, guys, it is 100 % confirmed and officially revealed by Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman is returning to play over Een in Deadpool 3. So, whine, Reynolds took to his personal YouTube page to post an update on Deadpool 3, where he says that he can’t really come up with anything and it’s been a while and they don’t know what they’re gonna do. Then he says, wait, I have an idea. As Hugh Jackman walks behind him, he asks you if he wants to be in the project. Hugh Jackman agrees to play Wolverine in the project, and then we get the official new logo. Yes, during this they actually confirm this film is in the MCU.

So you Jackman is playing Wolverine along with Ryan Reynolds playing dead pool in this MCU film. Wow, talk about unexpected announcements on a random Tuesday. But hey, it wouldn’t be Marvel Studios if they didn’t drop a bombshell on a random day when nobody expects anything. So here we are. Honestly, this is quite insane and exciting all at once and I’m just excited to see what the next step forward is because them confirming this means that they’re probably worried about elites and they’re going to be out in the open, which tells me that production.

Is gonna be really, I mean getting off the ground soon? And that’s kind of awesome. You know there were a lot of worries about them missing the 23 and San Diego, but even in the video he openly address is missing D 23 So awesome. Obviously, they were trying to pick up some details. They couldn’t get it in time. They wanted to announce you Jackman, which now makes sense on why they teased Hugh Jackman.

And then nothing happened with the 23 and you. They couldn’t walk him in time, so here’s the update just a couple weeks later when they locked him in.