What is Narco Test? To Know what is Narco Test is and how it is done?

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What is Narco Examination: Did you understand What is Narco Test ) And exactly how does this happen? If you do not know, after that today we are most likely to tell in detail in this message What is Narco test is as well as how is it done?

Nowadays the variety of offenders is rising in the country. On a daily basis, you will certainly hear news of criminal activity current. The Federal government of India is making much more strict guidelines to lower crime. Today bad guys also leave by committing crimes and they try different methods to escape. So to capture the offender who has actually devoted such a criminal activity Narco examination is bought to do.

In the past, the execution was seldom made use of in rape situations. Now new legislations have actually entered force in the rape instance. Based on today’s law, raping a youngster under the age of twelve is culpable by fatality.

Lots of such big regulations have been applied in the country, due to which the offender will certainly have to believe when prior to committing the criminal offense. There is such legislation called “Narco Test, So let’s recognize what is narco test

What is Narco Test?

(Narco test) There is such a test that is done to get the truth out of the mouth of the criminals who are hiding the truth. There are some criminals who confess everything and tell the truth about their crime under the pressure of the police while some criminals do not tell the truth at any cost. So narco test is done to get the truth out of the mouth of such criminals.

country’s crime agency CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) She also uses narco test to get the truth out of her criminal. Under this test some drugs are given to the offender by which he speaks the truth. Not only this, in this test, the offender speaks the truth every time. In many cases the offender reaches into a state of unconsciousness. In which case he cannot tell the truth. This test is done in the presence of an investigating officer, forensic expert, psychologist, etc.

have you gone so far What is Narco test? Let us now know How is Narco Test done?

How is Narco Test done? , Narco Test kaise hota hai?

Narco test to the offender under Truth Drug or Sodium Pentothol is given an injection of In this medicine the person reaches a state where the person is not even in a state of complete unconsciousness and is not fully conscious either. Between these two there is a state in which one cannot speak much. Due to the effect of these drugs, the person loses the ability to think for some time.

During the Narco test, the person is given a truth drug and is made unconscious and that person is asked a question related to the incident, and a test is taken. Because a person loses the ability to think and understand, he or she is unable to answer questions incorrectly. Because lying requires thinking.

You may know that you have to use more brain to lie while you have to use less brain to tell the truth. Because you can easily show what is true, but you have to use your brain to tell a lie.

In a state of semi-consciousness, the man speaks the truth, even if he does not want to. Here, not only the person is asked to speak the truth, but the reaction of his body is also observed.

In many cases the purpose of the narco test is only to know whether the person was involved in the incident or not. In such a case, the person is put to sleep in front of a computer screen and those scenes are shown on the computer screen.

The person is first shown general scenes such as flowers, leaves, mountains, etc., then images related to the matter, etc., and then the person’s body movements are examined. In such a case, if the mind and body react differently, it may be known whether the person is connected to the event.

What is done before having Narco test? , What is done before a narco test

Let us tell you that before the narco test, the physical examination of the person is done. He is given drugs on the basis of his age, health and gender. This test can often fail due to overdose. Therefore, many necessary precautions have to be taken before doing this test.

It helps the criminals or accused to speak the truth and this test is done by almost all the major crime agencies of the country. However, in many cases, an overdose during this test can cause a person to go into a coma. He may even die later. For this reason, this test is done only after much deliberation.

Why is Narco test done? , Why is the narco test conducted?

We all know that every day many crimes like theft, rape, murder are happening all over the world. In such a situation, many criminals do not speak the truth even after being caught and give false statements. In such a situation, even the police batons fail to spread the truth. After this, he is presented in the court and as per the permission of the court, he is made to appear for the narco test.

It is not that the truth should be made out of every criminal by Narco Test. Many criminals easily tell all the truth, but on the contrary, there are many criminals who cheat the testing team during the narco test, due to which the case is not solved.

Legal Provisions for Narco Test. Legal provisions for narco test

As I mentioned above that narco test is done by major crime agencies or CBI. But for this also it is necessary to take permission from the court. After a criminal is present in the court, the court orders whether that criminal will have a narco test or not. However, approval of narco test is also taken from the offender or the accused. This point was pointed out by a three-judge bench including KG Balakrishnan in the year 2010.

Narco-test, brain mapping and Lie detector test against the will of the accused is in accordance with the Constitution. Article 20(3) would be violated. Article 20(3) of the Constitution of India has a major provision regarding the investigation of criminals. It is concerned with the privilege against self-incrimination. It states that “no person accused of any offense shall be compelled to be a witness against himself”.

The narco test is said to have been first performed on Italian criminal Cicer Lombroso in the 19th century. A machine was used to measure the change in blood pressure during the interrogation of the offender. Narco Analysis In this, much emphasis is not laid on the mind of the accused to get the truth out of his mouth. Without much mind, the criminal easily spews all the truth.

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Other questions related to Narco Test

What is Narco Test?

Narco Test is such a test which is used on the criminals on the orders of the court or higher officials. to the criminal Truth Drug or Sodium Pentothol is given an injection of Due to which the criminal does not know lying and spews the truth.

What is Polygraph Test?

Polygraph tests capture a variety of physiological responses that can be used to assess whether someone is lying. It’s a lie detector that measures blood pressure, changes in respiration, and sweating of the palms, all these common things.

When is Narco Test done?

Every day many crimes like theft, rape, murder are happening all over the world. In such a situation, many criminals do not speak the truth even after being caught and give false statements. When the offender does not accept the truth even after being punished severely, he is taken for a narco test on the orders of the court.

What is Narco test

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