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  • Birthday: October 13, 1969
  • Age: 52 Years, 52 Year Old Females
  • Sun Sign: Libra
  • Also Known As: Nancy Ann Kerrigan
  • Born in: Stoneham, Massachusetts
  • Popular as: American actress
  • The height is 5’4″ (163 cm), 5’4″ Females
  • Spouse/Ex-: Jerry Solomon (m. 1995)
  • Father: Daniel Kerrigan
  • Mother: Brenda Kerrigan
  • children: Brian Solomon, Matthew Eric Solomon, Nicole Elizabeth Solomon
  • Ancestry: German Americans, Irish Americans, British Americans
  • U.S. State: Massachusetts
  • Education: Emmanuel College
  • Awards award: Figure skating during the 1994 Winter Olympics – Ladies’ singles

Who is Nancy Kerrigan?

Nancy Kerrigan is an American actor , and was a former figure-skating champion. She was a representative of the US in a variety of international skating events and has won many awards and medals. Kerrigan began to develop an interest in skating from a very young age. Her parents supported her talents and organized professional training for her despite their shaky income. Gradually, Kerrigan started getting noticed at the national level. She was a participant in the ‘US Figure Skating National Championships’, and was fifth in 1989 and fourth in the year 1990. As Kerrigan set out to achieve higher levels in her career, she was assaulted. The attacker was hired by the former husband of her rival Tonya Harding. The incident made Kerrigan well-known throughout the world. Kerrigan was able to recover from her injuries, and she made an impressive comeback when she won an Olympic silver medal in the 1994 Winter Olympics. Following the success at the ‘Olympics, Kerrigan retired from professional events. She toured across the globe with a variety of Ice skating teams including ‘Champions On Ice’ and Broadway on Ice.’ Kerrigan appeared on various TV shows and appeared in a couple of movies also. She was on the reality show for dancers “Dancing with the stars. She is also an donor. The “Nancy Kerrigan Foundation” is aimed to help visually impaired people.

Childhood & Early Life

Nancy Ann Kerrigan was born on the 13th of October 1969 at Stoneham, Massachusetts. Her dad, Daniel Kerrigan, was welding, as was her mom, Brenda is a housewife. Her two brothers are elder, Michael and Mark. Her brothers played ice hockey and as a kid she would accompany their brothers on trips to the skating rink. Later on, Kerrigan developed an interest in figure skating. At the age of six she began training for figure skating.

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Kerrigan was the winner of her first competition, the Boston Open at the age nine. Following this win her parents focused more on her athletic development. Her father had three jobs to fund her schooling. He also worked at different Ice rinks as a reward to fund his daughter’s education.

Kerrigan attended the ‘Stoneham high School. Then she enrolled in “Emmanuel College” and studied business. Kerrigan was more focused on her skating during that time. She got up early in the morning to go to the skating sessions, before heading to school. Kerrigan was trained by Theresa Martin, until she was 16. She was then coached by Denise Morrissey for a brief time. After that, she was mentored by famous figure skating trainers Evy along with Mary Scotvold, who continued to coach her throughout the remainder of her life.


In the 1987 US Figure Skating Championship’ in 1987, Nancy Kerrigan secured the fourth spot in the junior competitions. She was a great skier, but had a weak performance in mandatory figures. In 1988 she made her debut as a senior and finished in the 12th position. Kerrigan made improvements to her national rankings in the following two years, taking fifth place in 1989, and the fourth place in the year 1990. Her performance was not as good in her compulsory stats, but in 1990, she was removed from competitions.


As of 1991 Kerrigan achieved the third spot in the US Figure Skating World Championships. She was also a qualified participant for the World Figure Skating Championships which she won an award of bronze. Silver and gold medals were also claimed by athletes who were from US. Kristi Yamaguchi was the winner of the gold medal, and Tonya Harding was awarded the silver. The first time ever in the “World Championships,” the three medals were all won by one nation.

It was in 1992 that Kerrigan increased her score by taking second place in the national championship. She was awarded the bronze medal in the 1992 Winter Olympics. In the following time, Kerrigan secured the silver medal at the world championships also. After her victories, Kerrigan was offered corporate sponsorship agreements by a variety of brands, like “Reebok” and “Seiko.’

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The year 1993 was the time that Nancy Kerrigan became the US champion in figure skating in the United States. The previous winner, Yamaguchi has retired from competitive competitions at the time. While Kerrigan was able to secure the top spot but her overall performance was not as strong. Her ranking dropped to fifth spot. That following year Kerrigan dropped three times, and failed to land at another event.

It was 1994 when Kerrigan suffered an assault that damaged her career in a profound way. The incident occurred in January of 1994. while at the US Figure Skating Championships at the city of Detroit, Kerrigan was attacked by an attacker. She was slashed on the leg she was on with the police baton. The attacker is named by the name of Shane Stant. The attack was orchestrated through Jeff Gillooly, former husband of Kerrigan’s rival Tonya Harding.

Following the attack, Kerrigan was forced to quit her national team. Despite this defeat, she was chosen for the Olympic team. Kerrigan underwent intensive training. In the 1994 “Lillehammer Winter Olympics’ Kerrigan performed remarkably and took home an Olympic silver medal. Oksana Baiul from Ukraine took home the gold medal. There was an extremely close match between the two competitors. There was soon an argument over the biased decision by Judge X. German judge.

Following her victory in the 1994 Winter Olympics’ Kerrigan retired from active events. Shedid, however, appear in a handful of events, like the ‘Ice War.’ Kerrigan was also part of ice-themed shows like ‘Champions On Ice’ and ‘Broadway On Ice. She also appeared in the ice-based adaptation of the musical ‘Footloose.’

in 1994 Kerrigan hosts an episode of television show “Saturday Night live. In 2005 she hosted the program “Nancy Kerrigan’s World of Skating,’ on The Comcast Network.’ In 2006, she was a guest on Fox’s reality TV show , ‘Skating with celebrities. in 2007, Kerrigan was in the comedic film ‘Blades Of Glory. It took inspiration from the life of skating ice skaters.

In the Winter Olympics of 2010 in 2010, Kerrigan was an extra reporter for the entertainment news channel “Entertainment Tonight. She also co-authored the book ‘Artistry On Ice, in which she described the latest techniques for figure skating. In 2017 Kerrigan appeared on ABC’s dancing show, Dancing with the Stars as one of its contestants. Kerrigan was eliminated during the 7th week of show.

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Personal Life

Nancy Kerrigan married her agent, Jerry Solomon, on September 9th 1995. Solomon was married for the third time. The couple has three kids. Matthew, Brian, and Nicole. In the process of trying to conceive she had six miscarriages within the span of eight years. Kerrigan is a resident of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, with her family.

Her father, Daniel, died in the year 2010. Her father, Daniel, died in. She lost her brother Mark in 2010. Mark had been charged with killing her father. It was claimed that the death was the result of a fight between Mark and Kerrigan. Kerrigan stood by her brother in court and claimed that her father was suffering from heart diseases.

Kerrigan is an charity worker. She created the ‘Nancy Kerryrigan Foundation’ in order to bring awareness of blindness and assist visually impaired individuals. Her mother’s blindness is believed to have been the catalyst for Kerrigan to create the foundation.


The media had recorded and broadcast the assault upon Kerrigan in 1994, as well as her immediate reaction following the incident. The incident created Kerrigan the appearance of a professional who was abused. Kerrigan also gained the trust of the public.

In 1994, following her victory in the ‘Olympics, Kerrigan faced bad publicity. In the midst of waiting for the award ceremony she made a comment about the winner Oksana Baiul. This was a bit undiplomatic. It was captured on camera and broadcast on ‘CBS. The comment damaged her reputation, and the media and public quickly began to turn against her.

After her 1994 ‘Olympic’ winning, Kerrigan participated in a “Walt-Disney World” parade. In the parade, the microphone recorded her saying “This is a stupid thing to say. I’m disgusted.” Media highlighted the incident as a negative comment regarding the parade. Kerrigan justified her comments and claimed that the whole thing was blown over the top. She further explained that, when she made the statement she had been referring to the demands of the organizers to wear her silver medal in the parade.