Namel Colon shooting arrested, woman and her dog arrested on Brooklyn streets

Namel Colon was arrested on January 2nd in Bedford-Stuyvesant for the gun murder of a 36-year-old woman named Jennifer Ynoa and a dog. Namel was charged with murder and two counts of possession of a criminal weapon.

Who is Namel Colon:

Namel Colon is a 36-year-old New York City man charged with the January 2nd shooting of a 36-year-old woman named Jennifer Ynoa and a dog in Bedford-Stuyvesant in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The Colon of Manhattan was taken to the 79th District. , he told police on charges of murder and possession of criminal weapons. Inoa, a mother of four who lives two blocks from her store, was killed while taking her dog for a nightly walk, her boyfriend Carlton Bush, 46, told the post.

A fatal shooting scene was captured, and the suspect arrived in front of Bodega in a red car and calmly crossed the street to shoot.

What happened on January 2nd:

Colon is charged with assaulting 36-year-old Jennifer Inoa and her dog at a checkout counter by shooting several shots at a Salim Smoke Shop and lottery tickets on Decalve Avenue in Clinton Hill on January 2nd. A street camera angle caught a criminal running away with a red four-door sedan parked on the street. He got into the driver’s seat.

According to the NYPD, Ynoa, 36, who lived in the block where the shooting took place, was dogged near Dekalb and Franklin Avenues before 9:45 p.m. when surveillance video showed a shooter chasing her into a smoke shop before shooting. took a walk . She was shot in the head and taken to a Brooklyn hospital where she died. Her dog, Blue, died at the scene, police said.

Ynoa left a bloodstain as she left the store. Her dog died on the sidewalk. EMS rushed her to a Brooklyn hospital, but it was too late to save her life. Detectives believe Colon was after someone else in the store and Ynoa and her pit bull were caught in the middle, NYPD said. A law enforcement source said she did not believe Ynoa was the intended target of the shooting.

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