Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 2: Maayan doubts Mahi

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Vijay tv fame “Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar season 2” is getting a big twist. Now the series focuses on Maayan to get suspicious of Mahi!

What we see in today’s episode; Maaran asks Thamarai to hide this matter from her mother and leaves her room. Thamarai reassures him and goes out. He calls Maayan and tells her everything. He shares with him that Maaran might doubt himself if he meets him this time. The next day, Maayan and Murugesan come to meet Maaran and pretend to ask questions about her health. Maaran caught their lies and shocked Maayan and gave them an appropriate answer. Maayan manages the situation there and goes. Maaran learns that his hand is behind Maayan’s state. Muthuraj calls Aishwarya and threatens her to kill her husband. He is afraid and asks her not to hurt him. Her husband comes there and learns everything from her. She reassures him that she can’t do anything.

In the next episode, viewers will see; Maayan will invite the priest to have an auspicious day to fix Saranya’s marriage with Mahi. He will give a date in three months. Maayan will deny it. He will then set the 25th date. Maayan will ask Mahi’s parents to meet with them to talk more. Mahi will lie to them that his family is treating him like a stranger. He will probably add that they will not participate in this marriage. Maayan will doubt him.

What will happen next? Will Maayan learn the truth? When will Mahi’s true intentions be revealed?

The next chapter will answer all our questions, stay tuned to our space for more updates.

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