Mother’s Day Special: Ritika Sewani’s revenge on mother Ritika Sewani, who is involved in fulfilling her daughter’s dreams, see her makeover

You are currently viewing Mother’s Day Special: Ritika Sewani’s revenge on mother Ritika Sewani, who is involved in fulfilling her daughter’s dreams, see her makeover

Let’s see the changed makeover look of Shireen Sewani’s super mom Ritika Sewani on Mother’s Day.

Mother is not just a word but a feeling of all those moments which she dedicated to take forward the children. Forgetting his life, he gave every better facility for the children which is beyond imagination. Sometimes wiping the sweat with the pallu of the sari in the tangled hair, and sometimes the mother, who forgot her own sleep late at night in the examination of the children, used to become a student herself in the examination.

With a smile on her face, the mother renounced all her desires and forgot her own existence and identity, fulfilling every small and big wish of the children. One of the few such mothers is Ritika Sewani who could not complete her studies when she got married at a young age, but gave her daughter every facility that she deserved. Salute to that mother Ritika Sewani on behalf of every life.

Har Zindagi and her daughter Shireen Sevani helped the mother who never really took the time to groom herself and transform her beautifully. Actually Ritika Sewani’s very beautiful face came out after this makeover. Let’s know the story of that dedicated super mom and see her very stylish makeover.

Who is Ritika Sewani

Ritika Sevani is one such mother who took her daughter to a great position through her struggles. His daughter Shireen Sewani is a renowned Influencer and she is behind her mother’s hard work. Ritika tells that before marriage her name was Sonia Bajaj. Their marriage took place on 13 April 1990, at that time she was studying B.Ed. On getting a good boy, every girl’s mother thinks that the daughter’s home should be settled, studies can be done later. Ritika’s mother also thought in the same way and on the day she had her final exam of B.Ed, the same day was the date of her marriage. So it became difficult to give the exam. However, the marriage took place and she soon became pregnant, but time changed and Ritika’s husband’s health deteriorated due to which Ritika’s studies could not proceed.

ritika wedding

Ritika took full responsibility of her husband and daughter on her own and took the daughter to the stairs of great success. He had his own dream of becoming a professional teacher, but circumstances had a different approval. Even though Ritika’s dream remained unfulfilled, but she fulfilled every dream of her daughter. Today, for his daughter Shireen Sevani, her mother is everything and she has made her mother A special gift on Mother’s DayTo give, along with every life, got her makeover done.

Roop Vatika by Raj Arora did Ritika’s makeover

makeup look ritika

Harzindagi in association with Roop Vatika by Raj Arora did a complete makeover of Ritika on Mother’s Day. Ritika mostly wears western, so Divya of Roop Vatika started with western to give a new look to her look. Divya first chose a one piece drape saree for Ritika which has the special quality that it has a belt attached at the waist and ruffled dupatta. This drape saree changed the look of Ritika and it has a western touch along with the traditional which makes her look more attractive. Ritika’s figure also looks attractive in this look.

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Indo Western Jump Suit Style Dress

In the second look, Ritika carried an Indo western jump suit style dress which is giving Indo western look and is seen in jump suit style. This dress has sleeve on one side which is giving a stylish look to Ritika. Ritika looked very confident in this western look.

lehenga with spaghetti top and dupatta

In the third look, Ritika tried Roop Vatika’s lehenga with spaghetti top, whose specialty is its beautiful stripe top. Ritika looked very stylish in this look and it has a beautiful dupatta which is making the Indo Western look perfect.

kundan and polka work dress

In Ritika’s fourth look, Divya of Roop Vatika dressed her in a green dress with kundan and polka work. Which changed his look. In fact, the specialty of Roop Vatika by Raj Arora is that the designs and colors in their collection are different from the market. Ritika looked very beautiful in this polka work green dress.

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Ritika’s complete look changed with makeup

makeup look=change

After Ritika’s dress in the makeover, it was her turn to make-up. Makeup artist Ankita Kakkar gave the makeup look to Ritika. From her eye makeup to highlighting the cheekbones, Ritika got a makeover throughout the steps. After that, when she came in front of Beri Shirin, it was no less than a surprise for her. Influencer Shirin Sewani was overjoyed to see her mother in this look and in fact Ritika looked nothing less than an innings.

In fact, this makeover look of Ritika Sewani from Har Zindagi and Roop Vatika is commendable and also shows the bonding of a mother daughter relationship. If you liked this story, then do share it. Stay connected with Harzindagi to read more such stories.


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