Money plant is being planted at home for happiness and prosperity, so don’t make these mistakes

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If you want economic progress in life, then do not repeat these mistakes while planting money plant.

In India, some trees and plants are associated with religion and Vastu. One of these is the money plant. Usually you will find a money plant plant in every house. Along with the decoration of the house, money plant also affects your life in good and bad way.

It has also been seen that people who put money plant in any direction and place in the house without keeping in mind the rules mentioned in Vastu Shastra, instead of seeing its good results, they get to see bad effects. Not only this, the money plant in such houses does not flourish much and gets spoiled soon.

If you have also installed a money plant in your house and you do not take care of it according to Vastu, then obviously you must have made these mistakes too. We have talked to Vastu expert Dr Shefali Garg about this topic. She says, “As the name suggests, money plant affects our financial condition. But this plant will give good results when you take care of Vastu while planting it. ,

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Do not put money plant in this direction

Whether you are planting a money plant at home or at work, always keep in mind that this plant should not be placed in the North-East direction. Due to this, along with financial loss, you may also have to face domestic problems. Always place money plant in the direction which is owned by Lord Ganesha. It is said that Shri Ganesh removes obstacles and resides in the South-East direction. By planting a money plant in this direction, poverty is removed from your life. Shefali ji says, ‘This direction is also called the direction of Mars.’

Do not plant money plant like this

If proper care is taken of money plant, it grows very fast. In such a situation, it is very important that the growing vines of money plant should not be allowed to fall on the ground. You should always carry the growing vines of the money plant upwards with the help of a string. If money plant remains scattered on the ground, it only destroys happiness and prosperity in your life.

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Money plant care is important

Never allow the money plant to dry out and you can only do this by taking proper care of it. Let us tell you that setting up a money plant and keeping it green is a very easy task. However, if you do not take care of the money plant and it starts drying up, then understand that very soon you may have to face some financial problem.

Along with this, many people keep the money plant with other plants, while the money plant should be kept indoors. If you are keeping a money plant outside the house, then according to Vastu you will not get any benefit. You can hang the money plant in front of the window or on the wall inside the house.

Do not do this work with money plant

Never break a money plant from someone’s house and put it in your house, never let someone else take money plant from your house. According to Vastu, both these methods are wrong. By doing this, if there is any problem in someone else’s house, then they bring it to their home through money plant.

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