Mogre tree needs many flowers, so do this work, your house will start smelling with fragrance

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If you have a mogra plant in your house and you want a lot of flowers in it, then definitely do these things for it.

Mogra plant always looks very good, but many people complain that their plant does not flower well. If a mogra plant is planted in someone’s house, then his house smells of fragrance. Talking about flowers, its flowers always bring a positive energy. Many people plant the mogra plant in their house, but remove it before the end of the year because they feel that their plant has dried up. Let me tell you that the mogra plant has a dormant period which is in winter and lasts till spring. During this, the mogra plant almost dries up. But it should be cut and left as such, which increases the scope of the plant to grow again and it will give more flowers in the next season.

Now let’s talk about growing more flowers in Mogra. There are many people planting a plant of mogra, but in the house of some people, flowers come very rarely in this plant. If you also want a lot of flowers in the mogra plant, then you should add some fertilizer mixed with water. Today we will also tell about the fertilizer used for this plant along with normal mogra caring tips.

How to maintain mogra plant?

In order for the mogra plant to flower more, you also have to take care of the maintenance. At present, the season of mogra is going on and digging of its plant is also necessary.

  • First of all, remove the leaves, weeds and dry soil and stones deposited on top of the soil.
  • After this, dig up the soil for at least an inch and if there are roots in it, then trim the roots a little.
  • You can also change the soil above it so that the plant gets new nutritional soil. If the plant has become 1-2 years old, then repot it or take out the whole plant and trim the roots of the lower part and plant it again in the same pot.
  • Now after repotting, trim the twigs above this plant a little and leave it like this for 10 days after adding vermi compost and water.
  • Once the mogra plant has a good flowering, do a little pruning to it.
soil for mogra plant

If you want to get more flowers, then put fertilizer in Mogra in this way-

Now let’s talk about those fertilizers that you can use to bring more flowers in Mogra.

chemical fertilizer for mogra

For mogra, you can bring many flowers to it by using chemical fertilizer. For this you use NPK fertilizer. It is easily available at any nursery, seed store or online store. NPK fertilizer is specially meant for flowers and its cost is also not very high. Mix 1 tsp of fertilizer in 5 liters of water and apply it on your plant from top to bottom. It will be better if you use it in a spray bottle and put it.

npk fertilizer for mogra

You can put this fertilizer in many flowering plants like rose, hibiscus, lotus plant, mogre, moonshine etc. This will bring flowers in bunches and make your plants even healthier.

Homemade Fertilizer for Mogra-

If you want more flowers in the mogra plant and do not want to use any chemical fertilizer, then for that you make a fertilizer with heavy potassium. There can be two ways of this.

jasmine plant and its flowers

Make fertilizer from onion peels- Put onion peels in water for two-three days and then filter that water and put it in the mogra plant. You can use it every two weeks.

Make fertilizer from banana peels- Banana peels contain a lot of potassium and in this case they can be used by mixing them in the soil. Dry the banana peels and then grind them and mix its powder with soil. It can also be applied by digging the soil so that this fertilizer reaches the roots.

All these methods can prove to be very helpful to bring more flowers to the mogra plant. Try these tips and let us know your experience. If you liked this story, then do share it. Stay connected with Harzindagi to read more such stories.

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