MGNREGA Animal Shed Scheme 2022 (Beneficiary List) MGNREGA Pashu Shed Yojana

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MGNREGA Animal Shed Scheme 2022 (Check List, Beneficiary, Eligibility, Online Form) (MGNREGA Pashu Shed Yojana, List, Online Application Form)

Animal husbandry is mainly a means of earning money for many people, especially farmers. But due to their financial condition not being better, they are not able to protect the animals properly. Keeping this in mind, the Central Government has started a new scheme for farmers and their animals under MNREGA, which is named MNREGA Animal Shed Scheme. Under this scheme, the people doing animal husbandry are being given the financial benefit of setting up an animal shed on their private land. This scheme was initially started in 4 states, after which it will be implemented in the whole country. You can see in this article the information about which farmers will get the benefit of this scheme and how.

MNREGA Animal Shed Scheme 2021

scheme nameMGNREGA Animal Shed Scheme
StateBihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab
launchby central government
beneficiaryanimal husbandry farmers
the gainAnimal Shed’s Financial Aid
Relevant departmentsRural Development Department

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Features of MGNREGA Cattle Shed Scheme

  • Objective of the scheme:- Starting in this scheme, the government wants to financially help the farmers doing animal husbandry, whose only means are their animals. Therefore, this scheme has been started for their protection.
  • Assistance Provided:- Under this scheme, financial assistance of 80 thousand rupees will be given by the government to the beneficiaries for setting up of cattle shed on their private land.
  • Other Help :- Under this scheme, the beneficiary will not only be able to use the financial assistance given to the beneficiary to build an animal shed, but they can also get the floor and urinal tank built.
  • Number of animals :- To take advantage of this scheme, the main condition has been kept by the central government that a farmer must have at least 3 animals. But if a farmer has more than 3 and 6 animals, then he will be provided financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand for this. Apart from this, if someone has 2 animals then they can get 75 thousand rupees and those who have 4 animals can get financial benefit of 1 lakh 16 thousand rupees.
  • Animals involved in animal husbandry :- In this scheme, the farmers doing animal husbandry can have animals like cow, buffalo, goat and chicken etc., for which they can build sheds under this scheme.
  • Beneficiaries included in MNREGA :- The benefit of this scheme is to be given to the beneficiaries under MNREGA. That is, money will not be given to the beneficiaries in this, but the government will get their shed built under it.

Benefits of MNREGA Animal Shed Scheme

  • The benefit of this scheme will be given to the beneficiaries under the first come first serve concept. In this scheme, the income of livestock farmers will increase, employment opportunities will increase in villages and small towns.
  • Animal owners will also be able to take advantage of quality animal breeding facilities.
  • Employment opportunities will increase in many sectors like poultry and goat farming.

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Eligibility Criteria in MNREGA Animal Shed Scheme

  • Resident of India :- The benefit of this scheme is to be given to the residents of India who live in villages or small towns.
  • Animal Husbandry Farmers :- The benefit of this scheme is not to be given to all the farmers, but to such farmers who earn their livelihood by doing animal husbandry.
  • Migrant Laborers :- This scheme will benefit such youths of the village who were looking for jobs in the city after leaving the village, but have come back to their homes due to the lockdown.
  • MNREGA job card holder :- people whose name NREGA Job Card List Only they will be able to get the benefit of this scheme. No one else because in this scheme benefits are being provided like MNREGA.

Some conditions of the government in MNREGA cattle shed scheme

  • The animal husbandry shed under MNREGA will be constructed by the government at such a place where the place is on a flat and high place. So that the rain water does not come under, but the feces and urine etc. done by the animals can be cleaned properly.
  • Apart from this, the place where the animals are kept should also have sunlight. And it has to be made in the north-south direction in length.

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Online Application Form in MNREGA Animal Shed Scheme

The farmers will not get the benefit of this scheme directly, but MNREGA will give the benefit of this scheme to the beneficiaries according to their care. A list will be prepared for this, and people will be given benefits accordingly. The beneficiaries can get more information about this by visiting their private panchayat.

Check List of MNREGA Animal Shed Scheme

Whether the mind of the beneficiary of this scheme is included in the list or not, they can go to the Panchayat of their area and see it in the Panchayat Information Board. Its list will be put there by the concerned officials.

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So in this way the central government is providing benefits to the farmers doing animal husbandry so that they can increase their income. And by having quality cattle breeding, employment opportunities can be created for the unemployed. If you are also earning money by doing animal husbandry, then definitely take advantage of this scheme of the government.


Q: What is MNREGA Animal Shed Scheme?

Ans: One of the schemes of the Central Government to provide financial assistance for the construction of cattle sheds for livestock owners.Q: Who will get the benefit of animal shed scheme?

Ans: Animal husbandry farmers.Q: How much amount will be given to the cattle owners in the animal shed scheme?

Ans: 80 thousand rupees for at least 3 animals and those who have 6 animals will get double the amount.Q: How to apply online in Animal Shed Scheme?

Ans: Information will be available by going to the private panchayat area.Q: How to check MGNREGA Animal Shed Scheme List?

Ans: You can see your name in the list in the Panchayat Information Board.

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