Men (2022) Box Office Collection Day 4

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Men (2022) Box Office Collection: A24 great studio. All movies are weird and wonderful at the same time. And ‘men‘ such a movie. We don’t know who owns this movie, but it’s great.

by Alex Garland The style is unique throughout. It’s a disturbing, frightening and incredibly isolating film that will make you uneasy.

It will haunt you until the last scene. And when you see every step of it, you will have to think about what will happen next.

And the best shocker came in how layered this movie was. This is not a simple one-tone movie that will follow a simple story with many jumps. It has a terrific storyline that will be fully revealed towards the end of the movie. Also Read – Men Review: A Disturbing Yet Fascinating Story

A movie that deserves to be released in theaters. And we haven’t seen a horror movie this good in a long time. that’s what makes men It’s even more special than any other horror movie I’ve seen lately.

Men’s Domestic Box Office Collection – All Time

Men (2022) Box Office Collection: The movie was released on May 20. The movie has been doing well at the box office since May 20. Also Read – Downtown Abbey: A New Era Review – A Joyful Golden Death

The box office collection of the movie is also increasing day by day. According to some reports, The movie grossed nearly $300 million..

Day / Date / Number of Days Amount (in $)
Friday / 20 May-2022 / Day 1 14,19,333
Saturday / 21 May-2022 / 2nd Day 10,40,943
Sunday / 22-May-2022 / 3rd Day 8.32,754
Monday / May 23-2022 / Day 4 8,99,955
Total Collection 41.92.985
Box Office Collection

Men’s Worldwide Box Office Collection – All Time

Day Quantity
Saturday 2.00,45,748
market 2,01,95,146
Monday no

The Subject of the Story – Men

Men (2022) Box Office Collection: harper marloweThe lead actress in the movie once goes to a small village in Coston to spend her vacation with her husband. Also Read – The Sound of Freedom: Release Date, Preview, Cast and Other Details

There is a mess in the house where she is staying, and an unknown person pushes her husband down the upper stairs, causing her husband’s death.

She later learns that a man was following her from a tree and they killed her husband. Then one night he sees the place where he stayed, there is a tree in the garden and that ghost lives in the same apple tree.

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