MEME: Amber Heard Dr Evil outfit memes Are Trending On Social Media

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As Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s feud in court continues, netizens are mocking the ex for her wardrobe choices. Earlier in the defamation case, the actress was accused of dressing like her ex-husband. Netizens look like Austin Powers’ Dr. He discovered an intriguing connection between Evil.

The Depp-Amber Heard legal dispute resumed after a short hiatus. It’s now in its fifth week and the Aquaman actor is back on the podium. The 36-year-old wore a dark gray high-neck button up. Since then, Twitter users have shared her outfit choices with Mike Myers’ Dr. It’s like Evil. Dr. If you’ve never heard of the Evil, it is best known for its characteristic high neck light gray coat.

Internet reacts to Amber Heard’s outfit choices

Netizens often mocked Amber Heard’s fashion choices. Some even suggested that he plans to appear in court as an “evil genius”. Several tweets responded to the coincidental similarity:

Amber Heard copies Johnny Depp’s courtroom appearance

Pirates of the Caribbean sued his ex-wife for $50 million in defamation. He wrote it after an op-ed piece. Published in 2018 for The Washington Post. In her column, Amber Heard described herself as a victim of domestic abuse. Close observers of the webcast in the courtroom noted the clothing preferences of both parties. Many people thought it was strange. Amber Heard was deliberately stealing aspects of Depp’s outfits for the court battle in Fairfax. The 58-year-old actor wore a three-piece gray suit with a bee-embroidered Gucci tie for the opening day of the trial. Amber wore a tie-dyed suit that eerily resembled the bee detail on the third day of the trial.

Recently, the actress prefers feminine forms such as delicate blouses and blonde curls wrapped in glamorous Hollywood hairstyles. Netizens felt the actress was playing “mind games” by dressing up as her ex-husband. However, a testifying clinical and forensic psychologist, Dr. Shannon Curry has stated that Amber Heard has a borderline personality disorder, which may have caused her to “identify with people she spends time with because it’s soothing.”


MEME Amber Heard Dr Evil outfit memes Are Trending On MEME: Amber Heard Dr Evil outfit memes Are Trending On Social Media

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