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The Meaning of Savages

The word savages has various meanings and variations in different languages. Its Urdu version is tnd, while its English equivalent is tund. In Urdu, savages can mean animals, people, or culture that is uncultivated or preliterate. In addition to being violent and untamable, savages are also known as pigs, ogres, and brutes.

meaning of savages

In English, the word savage has several different meanings. In Hindi, it is Vahashat (vhsht). Its synonyms are barbarian, beast, brutal, uncivilized, and rude. In many cultures, savages are considered a low-class and even uncivilized. They are unwelcoming and often behave in unhygienic ways.

Savages Definition

The savage in nature is wild and untamed. It may look cute in a zoo, but in its natural habitat, it is wild. As such, a savage person or place will behave in ways that make others uncomfortable or unsafe. The word savage can be used as both a noun and verb. It can be a verb or a noun.

The word savage can be used to describe people, animals, or places that are uncivilized or unwelcoming. For example, a savage may attack someone or place without any reason and often does so ferociously. In both instances, the term savage describes a person or a group of people who are aggressive and cruel. The word savage also refers to a person who is rude and uncivilized.

Savages facts

Savage can refer to any type of animal that has a wild nature. It may also refer to a person who is cruel or unwelcoming, or a place that has a very uncivilized nature. It is also used to refer to a person who attacks or acts in an uncivilized manner. It can be a literal savage, as in someone who has a reputation for attacking someone in a brutal manner.

  • A savage animal is a wild animal that acts according to its nature. A savage person is a person who commits a cruel act. A savage person may hurt a baby, for example, or hurt someone else. A savage place is not habitable and unwelcoming. Its synonyms include savages. If a savage is a savage, then it is uninhabitable and not suitable for humans.
  • A savage person is someone who is cruel to a person. A savage person is an animal that is true to its nature. A savage place is uninhabitable. In a savage place, the land is uninhabitable. There are no signs of life or habitation. This means that it is uninhabited and surrounded by wild animals.
  • A savage is an animal or person that is untamable. A savage is a wolf or a wild dog, a fox, a boar, or a tiger. The name savage is a synonym for silva. It is a word that is untamable. It is the opposite of a tame lion.
  • The word savage is a noun that means ‘wild and untamed’. It is a savage who is not tame. A savage is a person who is untamable. They are not tame and they are not domesticated. They are not a breed. They are akin to wolves, but they are not domesticated.

The word savage can mean both a primitive or a violent person. In English, savages are “uncivilized” and uncultured. They are not domesticated and are not civilized. A savage is an uncivilized, primitive, or barbaric people. The word savage can be both a pet and a person. Its root is the plural of savage.

The meaning of savages in savage language is’savage-like’. A savage is a person who is violent and may use violence against a person. A savage is an aggressive and intimidating person. A badass is someone who is hard to deal with. They have a strong personality, and they are tough and abrasive.

The meaning of savages in the English language varies depending on the context. It may be a negative term, but it is often associated with the idea of a person who is ‘uncivilized’. The word savage is derived from the Latin savage, a word that means’savage.’ It is a generalization of a word that entails’savages’.