MCU viewers would like Matt Smith, Henry Cavill to make the transition back from DC.

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With the plethora of cape-related films that have hit theatres and streaming platforms in recent times It’s not surprising that actors are crossing the lines between DC into Marvel as well as vice versa frequently. Recently, Christian Bale has been in the news for playing the character as Gorr who is the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Bale’s decision in joining the MCU was a major one. In fact, he has played a character from DC’s Trinity — and , in fact, the most well-known character in the MCU overall in Batman. Additionally, his contributions to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy could be the pinnacle of DC characters in adaptations.

The Caped Crusader’s transition to Marvel has created a buzz in the comics fandom which has inspired the geek community to speculate about which actor will make the move the next. On Reddit the community has been promoting their own choices and discussing the merits of different actors who have played a variety roles.

One name that was mentioned in the early days and frequently was the name of Bale’s trilogy with co-star Cillian Murphy.

Murphy is, of course, was Murphy, of course, played Dr. Jonathan Crane, a.k.a. Scarecrow in the films of Nolan in all three. But his most memorable and longest-running work was as the Scarecrow in Batman Begins. In recent times, he’s received reviews for his role as Thomas Selby on the BBC series Peaky Blinders.

Redditors have offered him many iconic roles in the upcoming MCU projects. However, there was one role that appears to be of interest to the Redditors:

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We have watched Julian McMahon and Toby Kebbell portray Doctor Doom in the old Fox superhero universe. Since the Fantastic Four franchise back with Marvel, however there is a chance that we’ll see Doom together with Reed Richards, Sue & Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm depicted in a more memorable manner.

If Murphy might actually be interested in being a part of the MCU is a bit difficult to determine however. In a 2016 interview with Vulture Murphy admitted “My kids are obsessed with the Marvel films however I’m not sure. I haven’t watched them.”

Other actors who were named in the Doom part specifically were Stephen Moyer, Daniel Craig, Tobias Menzies and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Henry Cavill‘s name was mentioned numerous times throughout the thread, with some expressing the belief that he’d make an ideal fit in his role in the The X-Men world such as Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops. Some, in turn, were leaning to the rumors having seen his time as Superman likely over and over, he’s got his sights set on playing the role of Marvel’s Captain Braddock in Brian Braddock’s Britain.

To his credit, Cavill has even expressed enthusiasm about taking the leap to DC to Marvel to play the Captain Britain character. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

“I’m never going to be that I’m a Marvel character that’s already being played by another because everyone’s doing an incredible job. But, I do have access to access to the internet and have heard a lot of reports regarding Captain Britain and it could be a lot of fun to create an awesome modernized version of that as they did with Captain America. it was updated Captain America. It’s fun to think about it and I really enjoy living in British.”

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Let it be so it is, Monsieur. Feige!