MCU Producer Explains Shang-Chi Post Credits Confusion

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Marvel Studios fans have been quick to point out that there are plenty of inconsistencies that connect Shanxi and the legend of the 10 rings to the Hulk and She Hulk. Now let’s talk a little bit about this and the clarification from the producer. Ok, so when we see Bruce in Shanxi, his arm is still very much problematic. Let’s put it that way. At the beginning of she Hulk during the car accident, we see the arm is very much like this and then he becomes the Hulk and there’s no longer a need for a sling or anything.

His arm honestly looks fine now with a couple of other things that bring up the whole timeline of the MCU, how she Hulk connects to Shanxi when it all takes place. Because there’s now a lot of contradicting things all sort of resulted in fans demanding answers. Well, here we are thanks to one of the producers, Jessica Gal, who works on she Hulk. So without reading too long paragraphs that explain this, essentially what she reveals is the scene we saw in Shanxi does in fact happen before she, Hulk, and the clip that leaked of abomination.

Leaked way after the events of Shanxi. Therefore, there is a gap in time in terms of what happens and when the scenes take place and how they’re placed because of the nature of the actual flashback in she Hulk and when Chung she’s post credit scene actually plays out. And of course, when it comes to the actual official timeline, there’s quite a few projects that happen between Shanxi and she Hulk, so this could honestly all fit together and just for example between Shang. She and she Hulk there is Eternals, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye and Moon knight.

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So again, a lot of things are going on around the same time, during the same general time period. Which is why kind of we’re at this problematic stage of things don’t really make sense here or there because everything is clumped so closely together, they’re starting to almost negatively affect how people are watching this stuff. Because again. It’s just the nature of throwing all these things so close to one another, but at least we now got the explanation, for what it’s worth.