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Mauro Pini Wiki:

Mauro Pini is famous for his work as the Slovak Alpine skier who replaces Livio Magoni Petra Vlhova’s coach, and was the former director of coaching for the Swiss Women’s Alpine Team. His professional career began at the age of nine with Newzealand with the role of coach. He was transferred to Spain after his second try which saw him follow the skier Maria Jose.

After the spring 2012 season was over the season, he joined of the White Circus in January 2014 appointed from Slovenian world champion Tina Maze as a coach and was a participant in the coming Winter Olympics was held in Sochi.

Here are details about Mauro Pini’s Wiki, Biography. What are Mauro Pini? what does Mauro the Pinis ethnic background ? Who is Mauro Pini’s wife? Who are Mauro Pini’s Parents? Mauro Pini is a parent ? Mauro pini’s career ? What is Mauro Pini’s nationality?.

Mauro Pini Wiki, Age, Biography

We’re not certain of Mauro Pini’sbirth date or birthplace. He’s 25 at the time of his birth in 2022. He was raised within Airolo, Italy that’s why that he has Italian Nationality. He has a zodiac astrological sign which is Leo. He is a member of the Christian faith.

He attended school in a private high school, and completed his postgraduate studies in one of the private universities in Itali.

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Mauro Pini Wiki, Biography, Age

Real/Full NameMauro Pini
ProfessionSlovak Alpine skier
Nick NameMauro Pini
Age25 years old
Date Of Birth/BirthdayN/A
Zodiac/Sun SignLeo
Birth PlaceItaly
ResidenceAirolo, Italy
Marital StatusN/A
School NamePrivate High School
CollegePrivate University

Mauro Pini Parents (Father, Mother), Siblings

Mauro the names of his parents as well as details about his professional life aren’t known. We don’t know whether he has siblings, has siblings or none.

Mauro Pini Girlfriend

Mauro Piani’s relationship status has been not known. He has not disclosed his personal details. He is careful to keep his information private.

Mauro Pini Ethnicity, Nationality

Mauro Pini’s nationality is White. His birthplace isn’t mentioned and he grew to be a young man within Airolo, Italy that’s why the reason he has Italian nationality.

Mauro Pini Height, Weight

Mauro Pini’s weight and height aren’t listed yet.

Mauro Pini Career

  • Mauro Pini is well known for his role as a Slovak skier from the Alpine region who replaced Livio Magoni Coach Petra Vlhova on the 6th of April.
  • He was a part of Lara Gut in 2009 and won two silver medals at the 2010 World Championships in Val d’Isere.
  • He began his professional career at the age of nine with Newzealand with a position as an instructor. He moved to Spain after his second try in the sport of skiing, following the skier Maria Jose.
  • He was appointed from Slovenian Olympic champion Tina Maze as a coach in January 2014, when he made his first appearance at Sochi, where the Winter Olympics was held in Sochi.
  • He was a participant in the January 2012 World Cup at Sochi, Russia by leading the Swiss team. They won just one race of the 37 World Cup Events.
  • On the 22nd of March, 2012, the Swiss Ski Federation announced that Mauro Pini has been reinstated as a Skier.

Mauro Pini Net Worth

In this article, we will talk discuss Mauro Pini’s Net Worth. Many of you are wondering when he’s an Slovak Alpine skier then how much he makes, in addition to the worth of Clark. We want to inform you that his connections are not widely known.

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FAQ About Mauro Pini

Q.1 Who is Mauro Pini?

Ans. Mauro Pini is an Slovak Alpine skier.

Q.2 Which do you think are Mauro Piani’s parents?

Ans. Mauro The names of Pini’s parents have not been known as of yet.

Q.3 What is Mauro Pini’s Height?

Ans. Mauro Pini’s height isn’t listed as of yet.

Q.4 What is Mauro Pini’s Age?

Ans. Mauro Pini’s age was 25 at the time of 2022.

Q.5 What is the title of Mauro Pini’s girlfriend?

Ans. Mauro The name of the girlfriend who is Pini’s isn’t known.

Q.6 Where was Mauro Pini Born?

Ans. Mauro Pini was born Airolo, Italy.