Marvel Studios President Says The Avengers No Longer Exist in the MCU

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Marvel Studios Kevin Feige dropped a pretty big bombshell recently, and that’s the fact that the MCU no longer has The Avengers. That’s right, The Avengers are not a team and Sam Wilson has nobody for backup. Ok, so let’s get the obvious thing out of the way. Yes, The Avengers will be back because there’s literally two films coming up called Avengers, the Kang Dynasty and Avengers Secret Wars.Breaking Chris Evans is Returning for Marvel’s Secret Wars But in the meantime, there is no Avengers, which is why they’re not popping up all over the place to help one another out recently, in an interview following D twenty three and talking more about some of the statements made there, Kevin Feige, the man running Marvel Studio, said.

That the one reason that you’re gonna see the Captain America movie do something different is because Sam Wilson can’t just call for help. The Avengers as an organization do not exist anymore. Sam Wilson is going to need to fight a battle of his own and calling people he trusts that he knows he can reach because The Avengers are not active. And at the same time you’re going to see, as we’ve seen so far in the MCU and he reiterates this, that there are other groups forming to try to fill the void. Obviously here he is referencing the Thunderbolts. They are going to try to position themselves as a makeshift version of The Avengers who are going to be by the book and follow the accords.

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And I put by the book in quotation marks because that’s legit what they’re going to do. And in my opinion, I think you’re going to see that Sam does end up enlisting the help of a couple of Avengers by the end of the film, if not at least one, so they can start to get the ball rolling. Because you kind of need to do that, right? They got to have a team and an idea of a threat. It’s coming. That’s gonna be coming in the Tang dynasty, which is literally like less than a year or about a year away from it.

So they got to have that set up. So again, yeah, The Avengers don’t currently exist. And if they do, they’re only kind of in name only. And trying to keep it out there as a PR move. And the members of the team are a couple, and we can see, you know, in the MCU so far in every project. Hey, where’s The Avengers? Like one person shows up because again, they’re disassembled.

They need a leader to put them back together. My guess is we’re going to see Captain America become the leader that reforms The Avengers in Captain America’s New World Order. I’m going to guess that there’s going to be quite a lot that ties into this film. As I said before, I suspect Thunderbolts is directly building off of this film and a couple other things that are going to play into it.