Marvel Studios officially unveiled the Thunderbolts and the team is disappointing

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Marvel Studios officially unveiled the Thunderbolts and the team is disappointing, to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I like the members of the team individually and I would like to see more of them in the MCU. But as a whole, the team we have here is really disappointing. So let’s talk about why I and many others feel this way. Ok, so again, here is our team. From left to right we got Valentina, who of course put the team together. Then we have ghost. Then of course we have Red Guardian, Yelena in the middle, Bucky Barnes of Winter Soldier, US agent and Taskmaster. So again, find enough individually.

I want to see more of these characters. That’s great. I’m a fan of these characters, but. Let’s look at this closely. Valentina doesn’t actually do anything. Next, we have Ghost, who has trouble controlling her powers and how she faces, which adds a very interesting dynamic to the team where you could honestly see that maybe she was just reluctantly LED down a bad path and she’s not really a villain. I like this. I like Ghost as a character, so that’s cool. That’s a great pick. Now let’s look at a couple more members. A guardian, a super soldier. Joanna, a super spy who’s good at fighting.

Bucky Barnes. A super soldier, US Agent, super soldier.

Bucky Barnes. A super soldier, US Agent, super soldier. And finally we get a little bit of a change. We got Taskmaster as a masked super soldier. Yeah, I can see why all of us are disappointed. Again, I like this team individually, I think it’s great, but there’s too much of one thing here. There isn’t as much diversity, for example. Let me compare these guys to their best possible counterpart in the MCU, which would be The Avengers. Like where is your Iron Man slash war machine standing? I guess we could say technically that’s taskmaster, but that’s stretching real bad.

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Where is your crazy animal? Like character right? Like a rocket raccoon. Where’s your magical character? Like Wanda? Where’s Agatha? You guys see what I’m saying? I see what everybody’s saying. It’s very much lacking. Where is your demigod? Why isn’t there one? Like, why isn’t Hercules on this? Screw it. You know what? Instead of using him, why don’t you bring Aries into this? Wouldn’t that be amazing? You could set up some of that conflict for down the road.

I mean, let’s do the ultimate comparison, right? Because it’s got to be made Suicide Squad. Look at this. At least you can make fun of half of these, but there’s diversity here. Same with the other image of the team and everything you know. You can see some of these people like there’s something at least here, like rat catcher, for example, like weasel man. Thunderbolts, it’s not even as good as we hoped for when it came to fan art. Look, I know there’s people that can’t criticize the MCU at all. I get it. It’s your guys’s brand.

You can’t call them out for anything. But look at this. Like, you don’t need Deadpool. And they’re fine. Let’s take him out. Let’s even take out Ghost Rider. But where’s Zemo? Why isn’t Justin Hammer there as the Iron Man stand in? You literally don’t have Thunderbolt Ross, and if you wanted a perfect place to bring back Frank Castle, the Thunderbolts, is it? I’m sorry. The MCU version is just disappointing it’s god ohh.