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Mario Sgueglia is an Italian actor, who is primarily employed in theatres and TV shows. Mario was in the spotlight due to his role in television shows, particularly “‘Don Matteo”” and “‘District of Police”. Mario is also known for his cameo appearances on all 3 seasons of the Netflix show “Summertime”. Mario is in the acting world since 2004 and up to the moment, he has collaborated with numerous renowned actors.

Mario Sgueglia Biography / Wiki

Mario Sgueglia was born on April 18, 1979in Rome, Italy. He finished his schooling at an independent school in his hometown. After that, he enrolled in his school at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and graduated with a master’s qualification in the field of law. Passionate of acting since the age of a child, Mario chosed his career in the same area.

Real NameMario Sgueglia
Nick NameMario
Birth PlaceRome, Italy
Date of BirthApril 18, 1979
Zodiac SignTaurus

Mario Sgueglia Age / Birthday

Mario Sgueglia’s age was at 43 (as as of the year 2022). He is a zodiac star sign Taurus.. Mario Sgueglia looks handsome

Mario Sgueglia Height, Weight, and Measurements

When it comes to Mario Sgueglia’s physical appearance Mario Sgueglia is 5 8 inches tall as well as 60 kilograms of weight. The color of his hair appears brownand his eyes are too brunette.

Mario Sgueglia Summertime

In the year 2020, Mario made a major leap in his career as an actor when joining an appearance in Netflix romantic drama”Summertime season 1. In the show the actor played an appearance in the role of Maurizio that was loved by the viewers so that they adored him. Then, Mario was signed for the 2nd and 3rd seasons (2021 to 2022). Other actors in the series are Rebecca Coco Edogamhe , Ludovico Tersigni, Amanda Campana, Romina Colbasso Thony, Matthew David Rudd,and Ava Collins. Mario Sgueglia looks handsome and stunning.

The show is produced by Francesco Lagi and Lorenzo Sportiello and written with Mirko Cetrangolo as well as Anita Rivaroli in the inspiration of ”Three Miles Above the Sky”” from Federico Moccia. The show is a contemporary love story set in summertime on the Adriatic coast. A strong attraction brings together Ale and Summer two individuals who come from completely different worlds.

The first season began on the 29th of April in 2020, while the second season began on 3 June 2021. The two seasons consist of sixteen episodes. On the 4th of May in 2022 its third and final season was launched. Mario Sgueglia with an actress

Mario Sgueglia Movies and TV Shows

Mario began the career of an actor as stage artist in 2004 and , in that same year, he appeared in his first show “Oranges & Hammer”‘ by Diego Bianchi. Since then, he’s been in numerous plays like “Long live the bride”, “Sun Heart Love”, “The father of Italy”, “The Champion” as well as others.

In 2007 Mario had his very first TV appearance on the’ Police District”TV series, where Mario appeared in one episode. From 2007 to 2017 he played minor roles in several television shows like “Don Matteo”, “Walter Chiari – Until the last laugh”, “Thou shalt not kill” and others. In 2017, Mario was in the role of Dario Ballardini on the ”Amore pensaci tu television series and also as Ezio Quirino in ”Suburra: Blood on Rome”. Mario Sgueglia with an actor

In addition, he played a role of support in the role of Ettore Marini in the ” Luna Park”series and a cameo part in the movie “Summertime”. In addition to TV shows and theatres, Mario has worked in several films. Mario made his film debut in 2014 in”The Market,” a Diego Bianchi, Francesco Acquaroli and Giulia Aloe starring movie “The Market”, in which he played a minor part.

He was born in 2021 and was given his first leading part on”Pantafa” in 2021 “Pantafa” movie by Emanuele Scaringi. His other movies are “Long Live the Bride”, “Sole cuore amore”, “There Is a Light: Il padre d’Italia”, “The Champion”, “Appunti di un venditore di donne”, etc.

Mario Sgueglia Net Worth

Mario is the Italian actor Mario is what wealthy? Mario hasn’t revealed anything about his net worth or earnings. According to our research, and from sources on the internet the report states Mario Sgueglia’s present net worth is around $1.2 million USD. The main sources of his income include TV shows models, movies branding, promotions for brands as well as business ventures. Because his career is very active you can anticipate that income will grow over the next few years.

Net Worth$1.2 Million USD

Mario Sgueglia Family / Siblings

Mario Sgueglia comes from a middle-class family living in Rome, Italy. More information on his family members and siblings is not currently available, as Mario is extremely private in regards to his family and his private life. Don’t be concerned should we discover any new information regarding his family, we’ll add it to the website. Mario Sgueglia with other celebrities

Mario Sgueglia Relationship / Girlfriend

Who is the lover of Mario? To date, Mario never disclosed anything regarding his romantic life or revealed any information about his love life on the status of his Instagram account. In the meantime, we can conclude that his romantic is a single one and he is focused on her career advancement.

Associated With

Mario Sgueglia and Giovanni Maini are both part of”Summertime,” the Netflix romantic drama show “Summertime”. Mario Sgueglia looks handsome


  • Mario is originally from Rome, Italy.
  • He is an acclaimed actor.
  • Mario gained fame for himself
  • He has amassed many followers via Instagram through sharing photos or videos from his films and TV shows.
  • His first Instagram post Instagram was posted on August 18, 2017.
  • Mario looks attractive and handsome.
  • He is a lover of travel and has been to various exotic locations like Russia, Italy, London and Paris.
  • He is a lover of animals He is particularly fond of cats and dogs.

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  • Does Mario Sgueglia, Consume Alcohol? Yes.
  • Does he have a cooking background? Yes.
  • Is Mario Sgueglia go to the fitness center? No.
  • Does he Smoke? No.
  • Does he have any experience driving? No.
  • Does Mario Sgueglia, Swims? Yes.
  • Is he a Yoga Practitioner? Yes.


Who is Mario Sgueglia?

Mario Sgueglia is an Italian actor who works in theaters as well as television series. He gained attention because of his appearances in TV shows, particularly “‘Don Matteo”” and “‘District of Police”. He also gained a lot of attention for his cameo appearances on all 3 seasons of the Netflix show “Summertime”. Mario is in the acting world since 2004.

Is Mario Sgueglia Married?

The information regarding Mario Sgueglia’s marriage is not available.

What is the age of Mario Sgueglia?

Age of Mario Sgueglia is 43 years (as as of 2022).

When is the Birthday of Mario Sgueglia?

Mario Sgueglia’s birthday falls on April 18, 1979.

Which is the zodiac sign for Mario Sgueglia?

The zodiac sign for Mario Sgueglia is Taurus.

Is Mario Sgueglia tall? Mario Sgueglia?

Mario Sgueglia is 5′ 8″ tall.

What are Mario Sgueglia from?

Mario Sgueglia is from Rome, Italy.

What does the Net Worth of Mario Sgueglia?

Mario Sgueglia’s net worth as of 2022 is believed to be greater than $1.2 million dollars.