Make these difficult household tasks easy with mint leaves

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With the use of mint, you can make many difficult kitchen and bathroom tasks easy in a few minutes. Let’s know how.

Mint is one of the many leaves used in the kitchen, using which the taste of the dish can also be wonderful and if not added, it can also be useless. Many people include mint leaves in the diet, especially in the summer season. Although, till now you must have included mint in the diet, but let us tell you that by using its leaves, you can make many difficult tasks of the house easier.

In this article, we are going to tell you some great tips and hacks by following which you can take care of many problems from kitchen to bathroom to garden. Let’s know about these tips.

Eliminate Bathroom Sink Fly Troubles

You no longer need to buy expensive sprays to get rid of bathroom sink bugs. You can easily remove the problem of sink fly by using mint leaves. Using this will also drive away the sink flies and bathroom sink There will not be any foul smell from it. For this follow these steps-

  • For this, first grind one cup of mint leaves and two cups of water in a mixer to a fine paste.
  • Filter this mixture well and fill it in a spray bottle.
  • After this, add two spoons of baking soda and one cup of water to this mixture and mix it well.
  • Now spray this mixture on the bathroom sink and clean it after some time.
  • Do this process two to three times a week.

Keep insects away from kitchen dustbin and sink

different uses of mint leaves in hindi inside

Small insects are found in most of the places in the kitchen, so the name of that place is dustbin. Thousands of insects start appearing on the dustbin as soon as the garbage is dumped. Not only dustbins but also many people are troubled by the insects on the kitchen sink. In such a situation, mint leaves can be used to remove insects from kitchen dustbins and sinks.

  • For this, put one cup of mint leaves and one cup of water in a mixer and grind them finely.
  • After this sieve well and add vinegar or Baking soda Add it and mix it well.
  • Now sprinkle this mixture over the dustbin and kitchen sink at least thrice a week.
  • By spraying it, the insects in the kitchen will easily run away.

take care of plants

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It is said that to keep the plant away from rain insects or seasonal insects, instead of any chemical-containing insecticide spray, only natural spray should always be used. Many times the plants also die due to the use of chemical sprays. So mint leaves Natural Insecticide Spray can be used as. For this also, put a cup of water and baking soda along with mint leaves in the mixer and grind it well. Now after filtering the mixture, spray it well on the plant.

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Use these also

different uses of mint leaves in hindi inside

You can also use mint spray prepared at home to drive away ants. You can also use its spray to drive away the insects in the kitchen cupboard. By using mint leaves, you can be used to drive away insects in things like rice, lentils etc.

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