Luke Stoltman reacts to leaked audio on the eve of World’s Strongest Man

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One of the biggest events on the strengthsports calendar has arrived and the World’s Strongest Man competition is already heating up.

Power athlete Mark Boyd sparked outrage on social media for allegedly accusing the industry of corruption after he leaked the audio of a private conversation he had with an acquaintance.

Luke Stoltman, a Scottish strongman, responded to the video that has since surfaced. She covered the online backlash before she entered the international competition.

Mark Boyd leaks voice claiming corruption of world’s most powerful man

Mark Boyd, a strong contender from Scotland, took to Instagram on the eve of World’s Most Powerful Man, allegedly to expose the industry and give the impression of corruption.

Boyd posted a 1-minute 20-second audio clip to the social media platform. In it, Scottish strongman Luke Stoltman can be heard discussing the details of the competition.

A particular snippet speaks of positive events. People claim to help promote certain people and brands in the strongman space.

The accompanying caption stated that as the promoter of a sport he admired, “it wasn’t easy.” That this is “the real hope for change and the change that athletes silently want.”

He claims he was “stricken” after claiming that he approached “all concerned” “without being taken seriously”. He refers to the leaked audio as a “catalyst for change.”

The message then contained an excerpt from a September 2021 statement by Boyd:

“Athletes flocking to certain shows and then bribery, favor group selections and positive events in one of the top competitions completely legitimize the titles, it is completely unfair to other athletes and it is clear that this is not the first time. ”

On the night of the competition, Luke Stoltman answers

Luke Stoltman has won Scotland’s Strongest Man, Europe’s Strongest Man 2021 five times. He is the older brother of Tom Stoltman, the current World’s Strongest Man.

Following the outrageous leaked audio in the comment section, Luke responded via a YouTube video titled “THE TRUTH,” which aired on the Stoltman Brothers channel on May 24.

The Scottish strongman opponent begins by explaining that he will keep his answer short. He will compete in the World’s Strongest Man competition the next day in 2022.

Stoltman refers to Mark Boyd as “so-called friend” before revealing that the private conversation took place around April 2021. He was persuaded to compete in the World’s Strongest Man event.

In response to the comments made in the audio clip, Luke firmly confirms that he, like many other athletes, is in service. He claims there’s nothing corrupt about it as that’s the “system of Giants Live”. They do this “first to protect their brand” and “to retain the great athletes they have.”

Where can I watch the strongest man in the world?

The World’s Strongest Man is an annual international strongman competition that includes power athletics, a sport that tests the strength of opponents in various ways.

In 2022, the five-day event kicks off Tuesday, May 24, in Sacramento, California. It will conclude on Sunday, May 29, with the coronation of the champion.

There is no live stream of the competition offered online. Fans can follow the results on the WSM website and follow the updates on their official Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“Backstage Live! It was presented by The Beard Struggle, a daily live show hosted by former WSM rival Terry Hollands. It will be available on Facebook and YouTube for recaps, interviews and more behind-the-scenes information.

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Luke Stoltman reacts to leaked audio on the eve of Luke Stoltman reacts to leaked audio on the eve of World's Strongest Man

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