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Meaning: Whenever you talk about something funny while chatting with someone, then sometimes you will get “LoLIt is called. This short term is often used in chats or social media posts.

Looking at this word in the mind of many people, the question comes that What is the meaning of LOL (lol meaning), Someone also takes out the wrong meaning of this word and he feels that the person in front is abusing him. Many people who do not understand what it means, always in their mind lol ka full form Or meaning of lol There is a curiosity to know.

And even if you are curious to know the answer, in today’s time lol The word has become so common that everyone LOL started using the word. Nowadays whenever we use social media ie Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter If you visit Aadi then you will get lol Words will be seen.

Meaning in Hindi , what does LOL mean

LOL means to laugh out loud. LOL in Hindi means to laugh out loud. Responding with LOL shows that something is really funny. LOL is mostly used in online conversations such as SMS, chat and social media.

Grammatically, LOL is classified as a verb and a word that expresses feelings of laughter. The word LOL is usually louder than a simple emoji or “haha”.
When a person sees such a scene and he cannot control his laughter, in this situation he uses the word “lol”. If lol meaning in hindi Talking about it, it has another meaning.Lots of Love,

What is the full form of LOL? (LOL ka Full Form kya hai)

Lol full form: Laughing out Loud

lol full form, Lots of Love

  • L = Laughing
  • O = Out
  • L = Loud
LOL Full Form - Laughing out Loud
LOL Full Form

Nowadays you must be aware that people use short words. To express your feelings for anyone laughing Laughing Out Loud The word gets a bit big and it looks weird. That is why “LOL” is used as a short form instead of Laughing Out Loud.

When should the word lol be used?

Meaning of LOL Denotes humor or hilarity. You can use LOL when you’ve got something going on or you’re just having a funny moment. LOL is usually used to respond to something funny. it someone meme It’s like watching a joke, reading a joke, watching a funny video or reading a silly story. You can use LOL at such times.

Using lol is like chatting with friends or people you already know. The use of LOL in formal conversations such as with superiors or clients is definitely considered unprofessional.

Full form of frequently used words in conversation

Short wordsFull Form & Meaning
lolLaughing out Loud
IDKI Don’t Know
ASAPAs soon as possible
4EAEForever and Ever
AFAIKAs Far As I Know
AKAAs known
BTWBy the Way
J/KJust kidding
SSScreen shot

Full Form of LOL and other words

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Today in this post I told that What is the meaning of the word Lol (Lol meaning in Hindi), lol ka full form what happens. Why is the word lol used. Also I told the full form of many other words apart from lol. I hope this post will be helpful for you. If you liked this post, then do share it with other people as well. Also, if you want to know the full form of any other words, then tell me by commenting below.