‘Liners are made on my accent’, Shahnaz replied to those who made fun of English

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Bigg Boss 13 fame contestant Shehnaaz Gill has become the heartbeat of millions of people today. Shahnaz’s cuteness is also present outside the show. Every day she remains in the news on social media for one reason or the other.

Recently, Shahnaz Gill reached an event organized by Brahma Kumaris. Where Shahnaz spoke openly. Not only this, Shahnaz told how people used to make fun of his English and speaking style. Meanwhile, the latest video of Shehnaaz Gill is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In which she is seen talking about the language.

latest video of shehnaz gill

This style of Punjabi-speaking Shehnaz Gill made crores of people crazy about her, but in the video going viral, Shahnaz Gill was seen talking about her Zumba. Shahnaz told how earlier people used to make fun of him.

In the video going viral, Shahnaz Gill says that ‘People used to say that she does not know English, see how she talks. Talks in Punjabi accent, but today my one liners are made and people perform on this accent.

Shehnaz further says that ‘This has become my strength. Never make fun of anyone. Don’t know when someone will become a strength.

people looted love

Hundreds of people have started loving Shahnaz Gill. This is the reason that whenever a picture or video of Shahnaz appears on social media. So people give him lots of love. Siddharth Shukla After the departure of Siddharth Shukla, people gave a lot of strength to Shahnaz. Not only this, he stood with him every moment.

Even after years, the fan following of Sidnaz did not decrease. Even today, the fans of the couple keep posting pictures and videos of both of them on social media. Shahnaz also never disappoints her fans. Often he has been seen meeting his fans with love.

Will you make Bollywood debut?

Recently, Shahnaz Gill reached the Eid party in Bollywood. superstar salman khan (Salman Khan) was spotted with. There will be tremendous bonding between the two. After the party, news started coming out that Shahnaz Gill will be seen in Salman Khan’s film. ‘Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali’ (Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali) is going to make her Bollywood debut.

The news market is very hot regarding Shahnaz Gill’s Bollywood debut. His fans are also very excited after hearing this news. In such a situation, now it will be interesting to see whether Shahnaz will really be seen with Salman or is it a rumour.