Lil Peep (Gustav Elijah Ahr) Biography – Facts, Childhood Family Life and the death, rapper, singer-songwriter.

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Lil Peep?

Lil Peep, or Gustav Elijah Ahr was an American rapper, singer and songwriter famous for his debut album, ‘Come Over Once You’re Not Sober. The artist was recognized to be one of the most prominent performers in his “post-emo revive” style of hip-hop and rock. Both of his parents were Harvard University graduates. They separated in the year Lil Peep was a teenager and affected his mental health. He portrayed himself through his lyrics and appeared to be a depressive manic young man who was a lonely. At 17 years old, the rapper relocated into Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. The mixtape he released was his debut”Lil Peep Part One in 2015. In the absence of a suitable record label, he dropped his debut album on the internet. One track from the album entitled ‘Beamer Boy was a huge success and earned Lil Peep national fame. After releasing several more mixtapes and mixtapes, the rapper released his first album as a studio album in August of 2017. It was a huge commercial and critical success. The actor died from an overdose of a drug in November of 2017. He was 21 at the date at the time of his death.

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Childhood and Early Life

Lil Peep was born Gustav Elijah Ahr on the 1st of November of 1996 at Allentown, Pennsylvania, US and was married to Liza Womack and Karl Johan Ahr. He was raised to an environment that was comfortable and both parents were employed in the field of teaching. He was the son of a professor at the university and his mother a teacher at school. He also had an older brother.

But the education of his parents was not a guarantee for the young Gustav an comfortable life. When he was a kid the boy witnessed conflict among his family members. It had a negative effect on his mental health. After his birth the parents moved from Long Island, New York which was a new location for Gustav. The move was difficult for him, since Gustav had already been struggling with social issues.

Gustav’s parents split when he was fourteen years old. The divorce caused him to become more shy. He had difficulty talking to people in person and was mostly interacting with his friends on the internet.

While he had a good academic record however, he was not a fan going to school because his personality was introverted. He started out at the school known as ‘Lindell Elementary School’ and then ‘Long beach High School.’ The teachers believed that he was an “gifted” student who earned high grades, despite having infrequent attendance.

In the end afterward, he quit high school and took several online courses in order to get his high school diploma. He also took a few computer-related classes. At that point, he had developed a keen interest in making music and began uploading his music to ‘YouTube and SoundCloud.’

At 17 years old He moved in Los Angeles in pursuit of an opportunity in the field of music.


In Los Angeles, he assumed the pseudonym “Lil Peep.” He was inspired by underground acts such as the collective ‘Seshhollowwaterboyz’ and the rapper iLoveMakonnen. The rapper ran out of money within a couple of months after making the move into Los Angeles and spent a couple of days without having a shelter over his head.

There were many acquaintances on social media while his time living in New York and he started making contact with them one at a time when his arrival in Los Angeles. Things improved after he made contact with a producer called JGRXXN as well as a few rappers like Ghostemane and Craig Xen. He also spent the majority of his time in their residences. After a couple of months, Lil Peep became part of a group called ‘Schemaposse.’

With the help of the group he formed, Lil Peep released his debut mixtape’Lil Peep Part One’ via SoundCloud in 2015. The album got a mixed reception and was played only by a few thousand people in the first week. But it gradually became more popular because the “hits” increase.

Soon after the release of his mixtape debut and EP, he dropped an EP called “Feelz,” and a second mixtape entitled “Live Forever. The artist didn’t gain a huge following immediately due to the fact that his style was unique and was not a part of the specific category. It was heavily influenced by dream pop, punk music as well as trap. The lyrics were extremely exuberant and dark that was not appreciated by critics or listeners.

“Star Shopping,” one of the songs from his first mixtape became a massive hit in the course of time. It also became an unanticipated success in underground hip-hop scene. But, he achieved mainstream recognition following when he released his hit single “Beamer Boy.. The massive popularity of the single was the catalyst for him to start his first show with the group ‘Schemaposse’ Tucson, Arizona.

As more of the rappers in the group began to make a name for themselves and the group broke up. However, their relationship were the same, and they worked together on projects for the future occasionally.

Lil Peep moved on and joined a new rap group called Gothboiclique. Together with them the rapper released his debut album, a full-length mixtape called ‘Crybaby in the middle of 2016. In a discussion about the process of recording, Lil Peep said that the whole album was recorded in just three days. as they had no money the voice of Lil Peep was recorded with a mic that was used for a low cost.

It was the first step towards the real mainstream success of Lil Peep. The release of a second mixtape titled ‘Hellboy’ brought him more attention. The songs were made available through ‘YouTube’ and SoundCloud which earned him million of “views” as well as “hits.” The two tracks from ‘Hellboy’, called ‘OMFG’ and “Girls,” became hugely popular.

He was involved in a minor controversy after the group ‘Mineral’ accused the rapper of stealing the music of their group in his hit song ‘Hollywood The Dreaming. The band denied the accusation, however, Lil Peep claimed it was his way of paying tribute to the group with their song.

On August 15th, 2017 Lil Peep released his debut album, ‘Come Over Once You’re Clean. The album debuted on the Billboard 200’ at in 168, but peaked at 38. Lil Peep announced a promotional tour in support of the album however tragedy struck in the stage of the show, and the singer passed away.

After his death, a number songs that were not released made their way into the hands of the public. Some of his posthumous hits included “Awful Things,’ ‘Spotlight Dreams and Nightmares, 4 Gold Chains and ‘Falling Down. The Columbia Records took his tracks after his death.

Personal Life and Death

Lil Peep had said several times that he’d suffered through a difficult childhood and had always been a shy person. He suffered from depression most of the time, and he even got “CryBaby” inked on his forehead. Although he did grow up and gained fame, he was unable to not overcome his depression . He often expressed it in his lyrics.

On the 15th of November the 15th of November, 2017 his manager found his body in his tour bus. The singer was supposed for a performance at a concert venue that was located in Tucson, Arizona. He was a cannabis user as well as cocaine and other substances.

He was planning to rest in the bus about 5 pm in the evening. The manager checked him two times, and the man was breathing normally. But, on three attempts to get his body, the supervisor discovered Lil Peep had stopped breathing. An in-depth examination revealed that the cause of death was caused by an overdose of drugs.

He was dating ‘Instagram” star Arzaylea Rodriguez at the time of his passing.

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