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Deadpool 3 just earlier today was confirmed by Ryan Reynolds and he dropped the major bombshell.

Hugh Jackman is joining the project as none other than Logan himself. Wolverine, is a film set in the MCU and now we got the release date and a few more pieces of news are starting to hit. Thanks, 2 different insiders. Well, I guess I know what I’m doing. On my birthday in 2024 I’m gonna be seeing dead Pool 3 with Hugh Jackman.

I will officially have waited some 24-ish years to see Hugh Jackman officially Vere Wolverine suit and it’s finally going to happen. Make no mistake, he’s wearing that suit. They’re gonna make a joke. Add Abhay and he’s gonna wear it and it’s gonna be amazing. So yeah, September sixth twenty-four is great. This means that now. We know exactly what they’re shooting for. They are giving them tons of time to get this film going to make sure that things are all lining up and everything and that there are no mistakes, honestly awesome i am super excited.

I just recently talked about the fact that this date could have gone to either Shaanxi or dead pool and then I speculated Deadpool morning likely would work here, but it kinda makes sense if they are still going to do some reshuffling. That gives him a little bit more room because nothing is ever really set in stone with these, especially if they drop a Spiderman bombshell. We know everything will shift for it now.

The other things that we’re hearing now and again, are coming from rumours and insiders. But I think they’re worth talking about. That’s the fact that this film will be part of the bigger multiverse plans. Everybody can guess this, right? This is obviously gonna be a part of the whole incursion thing. It’s going to have to deal with so many elements. It’s gonna obviously bring dead point, TMC, UCAS, that’s still the primary plot of the film. We literally know that that’s what they’re doing here. So it’s gonna be exciting to see what happens here. But with me seeing somebody is rumours that are coming out right now take all of them with a grain of salt why? Because how did these people not know this prior to all this info? Suddenly all their sources are reporting to them.

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You know, 10 scoops in an hour. Just take it easy. Take it easy, lets celebrate before the discourse starts. The Hugh Jackman is playing Wolverine and we know the release date.