Know When JAC 11th Grade 2nd Term Exam Will Be

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Second cycle board exam for XI class was planned by Jharkhand Board Academic Council Ranchi JAC. All XI students should know when and how to conduct the second cycle examination. This is where you can learn about it.

Ranchi: After the completion of Jharkhand Academic Council Ranchi Matriculation and Inter exams, 8th, 9th and 11th grade board exams are held. Jack Board has announced the dates for all board exams for these classes. In addition, the exam schedule has been announced. The graders know that Jack Board decided to split the exam into two parts this time. Students have completed their first stage exams. In such a case, students study for the second stage exam. The second stage exam of the students will be held in June with a specific date. What will the exam format be like, how will the questions be asked? This is also known.

Which exam format will be used?

In June, Jharkhand Board will hold the second phase of the XI class exam (JAC 11th 2nd semester exam model 2022). Students were given a two-stage exam this time, with the first stage completed on an OMR page. The same second stage exam will most likely be held in June as well, this time on the answer sheet. Students will not be given an OMR seat for the second stage exam; instead, they should write their answers on the answer sheet. In addition, students will be awarded a total of 40 points in this subject, with 10 points awarded by the school and college. In the exam, students are given an hour and a half to complete the 40 closing questions.

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JAC 11th grade 2nd semester exam

When will the exam be held?

Jharkhand Academic Council Ranchi JAC will hold the XI. The class will conduct the second stage exam. Students will be asked subjective questions.

Will students’ second stage exams be held in their own centres?

At the exam center, the first phase of the Jharkhand Academic Council Ranchi JACK Class XI exam was held. As a result, the students’ second stage exam will be held at the exam center. Examinations of students will not be held in their own centres.

When will I get my pass?

Jharkhand Academy Council, XI. will issue the JAC 11th Semester 2 Admission Card 2022 for the grade 2 exam. The second stage exam entrance document will not be valid. Students will be given re-entry documents. Students in grade 11 will receive their pass a week or ten days before the exam.

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