Know what kind of clothes to wear to avoid heat wave?

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It is very important to protect yourself from heat wave. That’s why you should wear the right kind of clothes.

Summer has started showing its wrath in India. The temperature is increasing day by day. Along with the heat, the heat has made everyone’s condition miserable. During this time there is a possibility of falling ill the most. That’s why you should take many precautions to avoid heat wave. You should keep your body cool not only from inside but also from outside. Therefore, keeping the body hydrated does not complete your work.

That is, you should also take great care of clothes during this time. During a heat wave, if you do not wear the right fabric and colored clothes, then it can have a negative effect on your body. You may also fall ill. Today in this article we will tell you what kind of clothes to wear to avoid heat wave?

wear light colored clothes

You should wear light colored clothes during heat wave. That is, do not wear black, blue and purple colored clothes. This will make you hotter. Dark colored clothes do not absorb heat. Due to which heat starts to arise in the body and you may have trouble breathing. Therefore, wear clothes in light colors like white, pink, peach color. It is easier to breathe in light colored clothes. This will keep your body temperature right.

wear cotton clothes

Cotton clothes have always been considered good for the body. That’s why most of the people like to wear clothes of this fabric. In the summer season, you should wear cotton clothes to avoid heat wave. Clothes made of cotton are airtight. At the same time, they absorb sunlight easily, due to which you feel less heat.

wear loose clothing

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You should not wear tight clothes to avoid heat wave. Instead, wear loose-fitting clothes. Such clothes will not stick to your body, due to which you will not feel heat. You can wear a loose top with Ryan’s skirt. Avoid wearing jeans during summers. This can also give you rashes. Instead you can wear pants. You will find different types of pants in the market. Baggy and flared pants are the absolute best for summer.

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Wear these types of clothes for going out

  • If you are planning to go out during the summer, then you should wear such clothes which cover your entire skin so that there is no skin damage.
  • Wear light weight, loose clothing, long sleeves, cotton pants and skirts to avoid heat waves.
  • Wear a ventilated hat to protect your face, head and neck from the sun. (Which fabric scarf to wear in summer)

Keep these things in mind

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  • Always go out with sunscreen on. This prevents the skin from getting damaged.
  • Be sure to use sunglasses and an umbrella. With this you will be able to avoid heat wave. (How to Identify the Cursed Silk Fabric)
  • It is extremely important to keep the body hydrated during a heat wave. So keep a bottle of water in your bag.
  • Consume only cooling fruits and vegetables in the food. This is the best way to avoid heat wave.

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