Know what is the relation of seven births, seven rounds and seven words related to marriage?

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Marriage is considered a very auspicious act in Hinduism. Therefore, many customs related to it are followed.

There are many sacraments in Hinduism. One of which is a sacramental marriage. Marriage not only means union of two people, but it also teaches to bear responsibility. There are many customs related to marriage in Indian culture. It is said that no marriage is complete without seven rounds and seven vows. Also the relation of husband and wife is of seven births. But have you ever wondered why everything is associated with the number seven? What is the relation of number seven with marriage? Why don’t marriages take place without it? Today we will give you the answer of all these questions. Let’s know about this.

importance of number seven

The number seven is considered extremely auspicious and special in Hinduism. Seven births have a special relationship with humans. That is why this number is so important. In marriage also seven rounds are taken and seven promises are given. But have you thought why only seven numbers? Let us tell you that the number of all the important things on earth is only seven. Like seven colors of rainbow, seven sounds, seven seas and seven days etc.

Significance of the Seven Words

Marriage is an important stage in everyone’s life. This is the reason that everything from Muhurta to law and order is taken care of. At the same time, marriage is completed only with seven vows in marriage. The bride and groom promise to keep these promises and take vows to be together forever. These seven rounds have been considered as the main pillar of stability of Hindu marriage.

Seven rounds

importance of saat vachan

Seven rounds are also called Saptapadi in Hinduism. The first round is related to the food system. While the second round is taken for strength, diet and moderation. The third round is for money management. The fourth round is taken for the attainment of spiritual happiness. The fifth round is taken for livestock wealth. At the same time, in the sixth round, the bride gives a promise of correct living in every season. In the seventh round, the bride follows her husband and promises to live forever.

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Have you ever noticed that why the wife sits on the left side of the husband during marriage? But have you wondered why this is done? In Hinduism, the bride is also called Vamangi. Vamangi means the left side of the husband. This is the reason why after every promise the bride says that I accept to come to your Vamang, which means that the bride is ready to come on the left side of the groom. That is, after marriage, the bride will become the left part of the groom. (Learn the importance of Nath in Hinduism)

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seven births

The bond of marriage is unbreakable. It is said that a person takes seven births. That is why the bride and groom are said to be companions of seven births. They promise to be together for seven births. They live together in every happiness and sorrow. They form a new family where they can live a happy life. (Why is the Mehndi ceremony performed?)

important wedding rituals

There are many rituals related to marriage in India. But there are some rituals that everyone performs. The wedding ceremony begins with the Haldi ceremony, then the Mehndi and then the wedding. All these rituals are performed according to the Muhurta.

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