Know the horoscope of the coming week from tarot card expert Jeevika Sharma

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If you also want to know how the coming week will be for your zodiac sign, then know your horoscope from Tarot card expert Jeevika Sharma.

In today’s time everyone is eager to know about his future so that he can have an idea of ​​the time to come. How will the coming week be? How will your health be in the future? What are the ups and downs in your career next week, many such questions keep coming in everyone’s mind and we can get the answer from astrology, numerology and tarot. Especially with tarot card reading, you can get accurate information about your future.

If you also want to know that what will be the time of the coming week i.e. from 9 to 15 May, then you can take information from Tarot Card Reader Jeevika Sharma in this article.


You may feel lazy this week which may keep you inactive professionally. You need to rest to get back to your work.


This week you will spend time with your loved ones. You will be happy and work in a positive way. Time spent with loved ones will bring you more opportunities.


You will feel a little disappointed this week as things are not going in the right direction. Mental stress is on your cards. Try to remove mental stress and work patiently.

Cancer zodiac sign

This week you will be more relaxed and spend quality time with your friends and family. Overall, this whole week will create a good atmosphere for you and will bring you closer to friends.

Leo sun sign

This week Leo sign people will remain worried about their finances or financial development. You are waiting for a project to start professionally and this week you will get success in any plan.


tarot reading may month

You may feel a bit irritable and frustrated this week and the situations around you may disturb you mentally. You need to escape from any circumstance.

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You will spend good money this week. This week you can buy an expensive gift for yourself or your partner, which will make them very happy.


You must be feeling a little sad this week. You should stop expecting a lot from the people around you. Expecting too much can get you in trouble.


Sagittarius sign people will be more active this week and will do something new professionally this week. Opportunities will come in your hands this week. You try to take these opportunities.


weekly tarot prediction

You may have to face some financial problems this week. This problem can also be related to business loss or job loss. You have to be patient to overcome all these problems.


Aquarius sign people may feel upset or confused this week. You may not be able to take action related to your personal and professional life. You have to give rest to your mind before trying anything new. By giving yourself some rest, you can get out of any problem.

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Pisces sign people may get disappointed with their partner this week. Unexpected behavior of your partner may bother you this week, but things will get better soon. You need to be patient.

Thus the coming week will bring mixed effects for all the zodiac signs. According to your zodiac, you can decide the plans for the coming time. If you liked this article, then do share it and stay connected to read more similar articles on your own website with Harzindagi.

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