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There are many people who are advised not to go on a keto diet. Know in this article.

In today’s time, people follow different types of diets to reduce their weight and one of these popular diets is keto diet. It is a high fat and low carb diet, in which you take about 75 percent fat, 5-10 carbs and 20 percent protein from your diet. When the amount of carbs in this diet is low, the body depends on fat for its energy.

Ketones gradually start forming in the body by taking in a high fat diet. These ketones give you energy by burning the fat present in your body, due to which gradually the weight loss starts. In the recent past, people all over the world have resorted to keto diet to lose weight. But the keto diet is not right for everyone. So, in this article today, Ritu Puri, a dietician of ESIC Hospital, Central Government Hospital, is telling you which people should not follow keto diet-

pregnant and lactating women

If you are pregnant or have recently been lactating after delivery, then you should not follow the keto diet for weight loss. In fact, when you are pregnant, the baby in your womb is at a growing age.

There, if you take during this carb diet If taken, the body does not produce enough energy. Also, when ketones are formed in the body and fat breakdown occurs due to keto diet, it directly affects the growth of the child. If there will be less calories due to carb in the woman’s body, then this will not lead to the growth of the child properly. Not only this, it can also cause some health issues to the baby from the time of birth.

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Do not do keto diet after having health surgery

If you have a health issue and have undergone any surgery for it, then avoid following the keto diet immediately after that. In fact, when you undergo any surgery, your body needs a speedy recovery. Due to which your body needs sufficient amount of calories, vitamins, minerals protein, fat etc.

But when your body does not get enough support, it will not allow your body to recover properly. Therefore, if you have had surgery, you should start the keto diet after at least three months. Also, you must consult your doctor once before starting any diet.

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Children under the age of 18 should not do keto diet

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Children under the age of 18 are also advised to follow the keto diet. Actually, children below 18 years of age are in their growing age and hence they need balanced carbs, protein and fat etc. In such a situation, if he restricts himself on carbs etc., then it adversely affects his growth. ,You can follow these diet tricks to stay healthy and strong,

At the same time, even if children are overweight, they should not follow the keto diet or any other diet. However, he can take a low-calorie balanced diet to maintain his weight. But they should not follow keto diet or low carb diet etc.

People suffering from diabetes should not do keto diet

Keto Diet side effects ()

If a person has type 1 diabetes or someone has type 2 diabetes and is taking insulin to control sugar, they should also not follow the keto diet. In this way, the diet of a diabetic person is a low carb diet. Still, they require fiber rich carbs or complex carbs for proper functioning of the body. If such people follow keto diet, then they get many types of health issues. Such people can take high protein diet, low carb diet, but they should not take keto diet.

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