Know from experts, what is sugar detox and how it is beneficial

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You get many unmatched benefits by doing a sugar detox. Know in this article.

In today’s time, people adopt many methods to keep themselves healthy and one of them is to take care of their diet. Generally, people follow a variety of diets ranging from weight loss to better functioning of their body. But if you want to have a healthy life, then you should first start with a sugar detox.

Sugar detox may be a new term for many people, but it is extremely important for your health. Just as you take different types of detox water to remove the detox substance of the body. Similarly, during a sugar detox, sugar is removed from the diet and thus you start a clean diet. It benefits you in many ways. So, in this article today, Ritu Puri, a dietician of ESIC Hospital, Central Government Hospital, is telling you about sugar detox and its benefits-

What is Sugar Detox?

Sugar detox simply means eliminating sugar from your diet. It is also necessary to understand here that sugar detox does not mean just eliminating sugar from the diet, but you have to remove various forms of sugar from sugary drinks to fruit juices, honey and artificial sweeteners etc. Usually, sugar detox is done for at least 7 days. However, you can do it for 21 or 30 days as per your capacity.

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Why is a sugar detox important?

Now the question arises that why it is necessary to do sugar detox. Many people do not know this, but sugar is an addictive product. Some studies even show that it is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. In this sense, people who have a habit of eating more sweets, due to their addiction, it has a negative effect on their body. But through sugar detox, you can easily break the chain of that sweet addiction.

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What are the benefits of sugar detox?

Sugar detox should be done by every person, because usually we consume sugar in many forms throughout the day. According to WHO, an adult person should take 6 tsp of sugar. But it has been found in the study that a person consumes 20-22 teaspoons in a day, which is more than three times the prescribed standards.

Sugar detox is helpful in reducing your weight. Actually, you do not get any nutrients from the consumption of sugar. Simply, it increases your calorie count. In such a situation, if you do sugar detox, then it reduces the calorie count and it helps in reducing weight.

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Excessive consumption of sugar adversely affects the bones. Along with this, a person can also have problems with cavity in the teeth. In such a situation, sugar detox has a positive effect on your bones and teeth.

Sugar detox is helpful in managing many health problems ranging from kidney dysfunction to PCOS, heart disease, dental health and diabetes.

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How do you do a sugar detox?

If you want to detox sugar, then you should also know the right way. In this, the consumption of sugar or sugar-based items such as ice cream, juices, desserts, candy, cookies, coffee or tea is stopped. Even if people take it, they remove the sugar from it. Usually during a sugar detox, no sugar replacer is used, but it is taken out of the diet itself. For example, if you take sugary drinks, then instead you should take plain water, buttermilk or coconut water etc.

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