Kevin Feige Says a massive monster future in the MCU

Marvel Studios Kevin Feige says that everything that’s getting set up in the upcoming werewolf finite will ultimately become quite important going forward, so make sure you’re paying attention to everything that’s going on. Long time coming, and certainly when you just look at what they are offering, it looks different. But in a brand new interview with I GN that also includes a video that was accompanied by it Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige says that they are introducing a world here that opens the door.

These things that will ultimately become quite important to the entire future of the MCU, and the point here was to Xplore entirely new world. New characters and a new side of the MCU that’s completely different and presents us with the supernatural. Along with this we here that characters like Elsa Bloodstone, Jack Russell, a KA werewolf himself, man thing, the vampires that are recently showing up and being mentioned, and multiple other things will factor into the important future that throwing out for us. Now obviously if you ever picked up a Midnight Suns comic, and I do mean actually. Picked it up now.

Just worked at the one cover with the Punisher in Mumbai on the cover and said that’s it. Called it a day without actually reading the midnight Suns. You’ll know that a character like man thing whose important to the Nexus, AK, the Multiverse is quite a big deal to all of marvels. So here he is. He’s gonna be in this. You have blade coming out eventually down the road. You obviously have the development of Ghost Rider Moon nights there. You already have other midnight Suns in the MCU. From Doctor Strange to Wangan, who knows who else is gonna be showing up soon? You obviously have Jack Russell and it’s gonna be a more modern day version of a werewolf going down the road.

You have Elsa, and there’s other registered trademarks that we’ve seen that hint at the RUNAWAYS, for example. So it will be interesting to see how exactly they position is and what they do. But I want hundred percent % the moment you open up the Pandora’s box that is the midnight sons and the occult, I think the people will want more. Because it’s so different than anything else Marvel is doing. It will be like when the Guardians first showed up in the MCU. People will just want more of that world because it’s unlike anything that anybody else is doing. So lets hope its a big hand. Let’s hope that people like it and. Well, I just hope many more projects.