Keerthy Suresh’s Saani Kaayidham OTT Release Date

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Saani Kaayidham, the lead actor of Keerthy Suresh, was preparing for a theatrical release. Now, however, reports indicate that the movie will be released directly to OTT in April, skipping the theatrical release. Reports also indicate that a well-known OTT platform has acquired the rights to the film directed by Arun Matheswaran.

The film will also mark director Selvaraghavan’s acting debut. Meanwhile, the filmmaker also starred in Vijay’s lead role in Beast, which is set to hit theaters this April. Arun Matheswaran, who made his directorial debut with Rocky in 2021, is preparing to release his next movie, Saani Kaayidham. After Saani Kaayidham, Arun Matheswaran will start working on his new project starring Dhanush. The actor officially announced the news on Twitter in December 2021.

Keerthy Suresh's Saani Kaayidham OTT Release Date

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The first appearance of Saani Kaayidhwas was released last March and received a positive response from the audience. It is also thought that the filming of the film has been completed recently.

Apart from Saani Kaayidhwas, National Award-winning actress Keerthy Suresh will play the role of shooter in the female-centered sports drama Good Luck Sakhi. Directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, the movie will hit theaters on January 28. Devi Sri Prasad, presented by Dil Raju, composed the soundtrack and Chirantan Das cinematography. Keerthy Suresh will also be sharing screen space with star Mahesh Babu in director Parasuram’s next title, Sarkaru Vaari Paata.