Keep these 7 things in mind while using a public swimming pool

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If you use a public swimming pool in the summer season, then you must follow some safety rules.

Swimming is a great way for fitness. Not only adults but also children can include it in their daily routine to keep them fit and fresh. Especially when the weather is hot, it can be the best fitness activity.

In this season, people often use public swimming pool in their society, sometimes in a park near their house. While swimming in this type of pool, you need to follow some safety tips to protect yourself and your kids. Let’s know about those safety tips.

read sign board

Whenever you go to a public pool, it is important to read carefully how to follow the rules placed next to swimming pools, they are in place to protect you. These rules show you how to stay safe and sound inside the pool. Read the depth of the pool written in it carefully so that if you go with children, do not take them to the deep water area. Each pool has different rules, so it’s important to read them carefully. If you are swimming in an open pool, check if it is suitable for swimming and look around for any warning signs.

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properly test pool water

Whenever you go to a public swimming pool, first of all you should check its water thoroughly that the water is not dirty. Many times, due to the gathering of more people, the pool water becomes more dirty and swimming in it increases the risk of many diseases. Along with this, you also have to see that the amount of chlorine in the water is not too much. Excessive amounts of chlorine can cause damage to the skin and hair.

don’t leave kids alone

kids alone at pool

Never leave children alone in a public swimming pool. Actually the depth of each pool is different and young children have no idea how deep the water is. Always make children swim in a baby pool with a deep pool so that there is no fear of any kind.

don’t run around the pool

The area around the public swimming pool tends to be slippery as it attracts more people. So never walk in the vicinity of the pool. The tiles around a swimming pool can be very slippery. So make sure that neither you nor your kids run around the swimming pool so that there is no fear of getting hurt by falling in the water.

Pay attention when going in and out of the pool

inside and outside of pool

Whenever you exit the swimming pool, you need to keep in mind that while going in and out of the pool, you should get out by holding the railing well. Never step out without any support as there is a risk of falling. Make sure that when you are exiting, no one else comes out or inwards as the exit part is very thin and there is a risk of falling.

Take care of your swimming ability

When you swim in a public pool, don’t go deeper or deeper than you think you can handle. Know where you are comfortable swimming. Always look for depth marks around the pool. If you’re swimming in an open pool, make sure you come back full of energy.

Do swimming in the presence of life guard

Before swimming in a public pool, check to see if a life guard is nearby. Follow all the rules of the pool and take care of each other, even when you’re out with friends. In case of any untoward incident, immediately contact the Life Guard. Also make sure you have a life jacket and a first aid kit around the pool in case of an accident.

By following these safety tips, if you swim in a public place, then you will not be harmed in any way. If you liked this article, then do share it and stay connected to read other similar articles on your own website with Harzindagi.

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