Kate Middleton and Prince William are taking one last summer vacation

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Kate Middleton & Prince William Take Children to Visit Queen In Scotland (Reports)

Kate Middleton and Prince William are taking one last summer vacation. The royal couple are reportedly heading to Scotland to visit Queen Elizabeth, who was spending time at Balmoral Castle, where she traditionally enjoys the end of summer. According to people. The trip will serve as the Cambridge family’s final summer fund before Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louise start the semester at a new school in Berkshire, in September.

Will and Kate have spent a lot of time in Scotland themselves. The duo met while studying at the University of Saint Andrews during a trip to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. In May 2021 William opened up about why the country has a special place in his family’s heart, saying it was here in Scotland 20 years ago this year that I first met Catherine. Needless to say, the town where you meet your future wife holds a very special place in your heart. George, Charlotte and Louis already know how dear Scotland is to both of us and they are starting to build their own happy memories here too.

We have no doubt they will grow up sharing our love and connection to Scotland from the Highlands, the central belt, from the islands to the borders. Access Hollywood previously spoke with daily mail dot com ‘s Charlie Langston about how William and Kate have been taking on a more prominent royal role as they prepare to one day leave the monarchy. Kate and William have really shouldered. A lot of responsibility in this past year they’ve taken on more and more official duties as the Queen has kind of slowed down a little bit in her old age.

And they’re also both really trying to push the monarchy forward into the modern age. They are making appearances on red carpets. They are doing zoom calls, and you know, kind of they’ve really taken it upon themselves to step up, especially after Harry and Meghan. Stepped away from the royal family, there was a huge vacancy to fill. You know, I I think while a lot of people only see members of the royal family at very high profile public events, there are hundreds of different obligations that they have to fulfill behind the scenes.

Harry and Meghan meant that William and Kate

So to lose Harry and Meghan meant that William and Kate had to take on even more responsibility than they had done before. And I think they’ve made an incredibly admirable attempt to do anything and everything. Can to kind of keep in touch with the people?