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Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki New Episodes Download

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki is an Indian Hindi romantic television series that has been on air since March 2016. It is the story of two childhood friends who are reunited after death and rebirth. Starring Sharad Malhotra and Kratika Sengar, the serial was produced by Balaji Telefilms. It is directed by Mujammil Desai and produced by Ekta Kapoor.

The show is a relaunch of a previous superhit, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. The series, which was a huge hit, has received a good response from viewers. It is a family drama with a twist. The two leads are sisters – Kratika Sengar and Ssharad Malhotra – who are passionate about each other. The series is a family drama and it features a lot of emotional scenes.

The show’s love story is a touching tale of loss, pain, and love. The protagonists, Rishi and Tanushree, are childhood friends. After their deaths, Tanuja gets a new face through cosmetic surgery. This new face provides a sense of belonging to Rishi. Throughout the film, we see Rishi’s happiness and disappointment as the couple navigate through their grief.

The drama is set in Mumbai. The main characters are Rishi and Tanushree, two women who fall in love with each other. During the story, both women are forced to make sacrifices to save their lover. In a devastating car accident, Tanushree almost dies, but she saves him from dying. In the end, they fall in love, but the love between them is enduring and eternal.

kasam tere pyaar ki drama

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki is a romantic drama that is based on the reincarnation of the two lovers. Despite the fact that this is a film based on a real-life love story, it has a universal appeal. While the film isn’t a purely romantic drama, it’s still a romantic comedy with a message for the non-believers in love.

The cast is impressive. Vijay Kashyap, Aditi Rathore and Roma Bali are all well-known actors. Among the other talented stars, Ssharad Malhotra, who plays the role of a man, is praised for his role in the film. The movie is an intense romance and a great watch! It is an excellent Bollywood romantic drama that will keep you entertained for a long time to come!

After the tragic death of Rishi, his love for Tanu grows stronger. She breaks all ties with her friend Gitanshu Gupta, who has a long-term relationship with her. Her father is a cab driver and hates Tanu’s family and wants to leave the country. This is how she saved her childhood friend. Despite her unhappiness, she’s still in love with Rishi.

kasam tere pyaar ki serial

kasam tere pyaar ki

The film is about the true definition of love. While some people believe in the concept of love, others believe that it transcends time and space. In the film, love is an ideal situation where you feel contented and happy. It also helps people feel good about themselves. While watching Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, try not to think of the film as a cliche. It is a delightful, uplifting romantic movie with a strong message to share.

In the movie, Tanuja accidentally gets Rishi’s face. However, she later realizes that Rishi loves her. Her marriage with Shekhar Singh Ahlawat is the catalyst for her sudden love for Malaika. In the movie, her love for Rishi is shown in a twisted manner. The two become more involved in the film than the others. The villagers have a traditional ritual that is unique to each village.

Kasam — Tere Pyaar Ki basic info

Kasam — Tere Pyaar Ki
Also also referred toKasam
Written byAnil Nagpal
Mrinal Tripathi
Directed byMujammil Desai
StarringKratika Sengar
Sharad Malhotra
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of the seasons1
No. of shows623
ProducersEkta Kapoor
Shobha Kapoor
Camera set-upMulti-camera
Time to run21-25minutes
Production companyBalaji Telefilms
Original networkColors TV
Rishtey Europe
Image format
HDTV 1080i
Original release7 March 2016 –
27 July 2018

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki (Swear by your love) is an Indian Hindi romantic television series which aired from 7 March 2016 until July 27th 2018, on Colors TV.[1The show’s stars Kratika Sengar, and Sharad Malhotra portrayed the main characters in a story of lovers who reunite after rebirths.

Kasam — Tere Pyaar Ki Plot info

Tanu Khurana as well as Rishi Singh Bedi were childhood pals in Patiala similar to their parents Veerendra as well as Raj. Katyani Bai, a kali devotee, prophesies of them being friends for the the next seven births. In contrast Rishi’s mother Rano is able to trick Raj into moving to America. Tanu suggests Rishi to gaze at the moon every time he thinks of her. They parted ways.

Storyline 17 Years Later

Tanu longs for a reunion with Rishi who is returning to India. Veerendra as well as Sharda were killed during a terror attack. Bani delivers Tanu along with Ahana on a trip to Mumbai. She tells Bedis she is telling her that daughter Neha is Tanu and then reveals Tanvi that Tanu is real. Rishi’s alliance is forged with Neha.

Rishi is in the love of Tanvi who is getting married Pawan Malhotra. He’s already married and is planning to use her as a surrogate, the truth about which Rishi later discovers. Ahana is a drug addict Tanvi and suggests Rishi to escape with her. Tanvi tells Rishi the identity of Tanu and they tie the knot in Kali Temple.

Bedis uncover the identity of Neha. Neha tells Sandy she believes that Rishi was a molester to her. Disappointed, Sandy finds and tries to kill Rishi but Tanu is caught between them and is fatally shot. Rishi ends his relationship to Ma Kali. In the meantime, Sandy’s sister-in law has a baby girl Tanuja.

Storyline 20 years more

In reality, Tanu has reincarnated as Tanuja and now lives at Amritsar along with Sandy. Rishi has lost conviction in his love for. Ahana as well as Manpreet were married, and they have 2 kids. Tanuja’s habits and manners are reminiscent of Raj the character of Tanu. She becomes Rishi’s secretary . She is drawn to him.

Rishi who smiled for the first after 20 years , is devastated when she discovers it is the niece of Sandy. The fire breaks out because of a short circuit. Her face is badly burned when she saves Rishi. Preeti accidentally gives Tanu’s photograph to the doctor, instead of Tanuja’s. She is given Tanu’s photo and Rishi is able to recover.

Storyline three months on

Tanuja is in a state of shock after seeing that her face changed. Rishi accuses her for purposely changing her face , then she throws her out. Rishi’s American friend Malaika is visiting India. Tanuja is involved in an accident in Malaika’s vehicle and takes her to Bedi home without anyone noting.

She protects Rishi’s home from being smashed by the media. Raj promises to stay with them for the rest of her life. Rishi begins to develop feelings towards her. The couple proposes, to remove those feelings. Tanuja is heartbroken. Raj is watching Malaika and Shekhar and requests Tanuja to get married to Rishi.

Rishi and Tanuja get married and gradually become closer to one their partner. Malaika discovers Tanuja is expecting. Rishi is able to decide on divorce, but only after Smiley admits that she is pregnant, and Tanuja is pretending to be the same to save Smiley’s image. Rishi apologizes Tanuja.

Rishi exposes and kicks Malaika out when he learns of her plans for evil. He admits his affection for Tanuja and they have a final union. Katyani claims that Tanuja could be a negative sign for his future. Tanuja is demanding a divorce from him, based on the belief of Katyani. Rano is requesting Rishi to get married Netra.

Rishi’s half-brother Poorab has 50% of the house. Tanuja is the new owner with the assistance of Raj. Rishi attempts to force her to confess her love to her, and she decides to get married Netra so that she is jealous. Tanuja discovers that Katyani has been lying to her and admits the love she has for Rishi.

A miscommunication develops in the relationship between Rishi as well as Tanuja. Tanuja is forced to leave. Rishi is at train station in order to stop her. She starts a fight. He kicks Tanuja to get his revenge. They split up. Tanuja discovers she’s pregnant , however, she decides to take care of the child by herself.

Storyline Seven years after

Tanuja is a mother of her child Natasha and her friend Abhishek Khurana from London that pretends to be her husband. Rishi as well as Netra are pretending to get married. They are taking care of Smiley’s child Tanya. Natasha and Tanya believe Abhishek as well as Rishi to be their fathers.

Abhishek is in India along with Tanuja as well as Natasha to assume the company of Rishi. Rishi is introduced to and connects with Natasha but is in ignorance of the fact that Natasha is actually his child who is enrolled in Tanya’s college. Abhishek and Rishi become business partners. Abhishek invites Rishi to a dinner at which Rishi gets to meet Tanuja.

Rishi is devastated to discover Tanuja is the wife of Abhishek’s with a child and tries to win her back. Netra realizes that Tanuja is only Abhishek’s caretaker and friend. She examines Natasha’s birth certificate and finds out that Rishi is her biological father.

Natasha has an accident. Rishi offers his blood for donation. After seeing the love of Abhishek to her, she makes the decision to quit Tanuja’s life. He discovers that Natasha was his baby and is forced to confront Tanuja who refuses to go back. In the love of Tanuja, Abhishek learns about her past and her relationship with Rishi.

Rano files a custody case. Rishi discovers Abhishek as well as Tanuja don’t have any children. Abhishek proposes to her , and she agrees to take Natasha’s custody. Rishi is determined to stop the wedding. Tanuja discovers that Rishi and Netra aren’t married, but assumes they are living in a relationship.

In the wake of realizing his affection for her Rishi believes that marriage will never be a reality because the divorce was rejected many some time ago. Abhishek charges her with being a cheater on him. Tanuja confesses to Natasha the fact that Rishi has been her father. Natasha says in court that she would like to be able to live with both of her parents. Abhishek is heartbroken.

Tanuja is required to remain in Tanuja is ordered to stay in the Bedi home to stay for six years. Netra and Abhishek collaborate to destroy Rishi and Tanuja’s love affair. Tanuja hits him when the couple confesses their love for him. Tanuja discovers the truth, and apologizes to Rishi. Incredulous, Netra vows to kill both Rishi and Tanuja.

Netra offers bribes to a mechanic modify the car brakes, which both are. Abhishek learns of the bribe, but is too late to alert Tanuja. The car crashes off the edge and is taken into the hospital. Netra is detained. Tanuja dies. Depressed after losing Tanuja following Tanu, Rishi commits suicide through poisoning and dies next to Tanuja. Their souls connect.

A quarter of a century later

Rishi and Tanuja have been revived with the names Ranbir Kapoor, and Kritika Kohli. Ranbir is a well-known soccer player from Canada; Kritika lives with Malini close to Ludhiana. As if Arun had died, Malini is shocked to find him on the news and travels to Mumbai along with Kritika to locate him.

Ranbir is in Mumbai along with family members to attend the game. Malini is looking for Arun in a shopping mall, however a fire starts. Ranbir helps her and she is taken to hospital. Malini says to Kritika the fact that Arun is alive, and she gives his name to Kritika and then dies.

Kritika finally gets to meet Arun and introduces herself as his daughter after she is welcomed into the home and shares the house with Arun and his family. Then, she gets to meet Ranbir at first. He starts to fall in love with her, and they soon become friends. Malishka uses drugs and is trying to lure Ranbir. She then file a fake molestation charge against him.

He is arrested , but Akshay gets him released. Ranbir gets the case over with Kritika’s assistance. Malishka is determined to kill his family members by burning down their home. Ranbir shows his affection for Kritika who reminisces about her past lives, and wakes Ranbir to keep him in mind. He also recognizes her, and they kiss and join hands, concluding the show.

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