Kanye West Announces Release Date and Cover Art for Donda 2 Album

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Kanye West’s three-part Netflix documentary Jeen-Yuhs It received critical acclaim after it premiered at Sundance and is set to drop next month, but that’s not all Ye fans have to look forward to in February.

West announced the sequel to his 2021 album on his Instagram account. in the frostaptly named 2 in frostIt will be released on February 22, 2022. So after a week Jeen-Yuhs The first episode airs on February 16 and the second episode airs on February 23 the day before it airs. The move also came after West was dissatisfied with the documentary and demanded that the documentary be finalized.

see official 2 in frost The release date announcement is below:

Details are currently scarce on the project, but Ye says 2 in frost He will executive produce Future. The duo previously worked together on the song that released “I Won” and Future West during Rolling Loud in December. Since then, they have been frequently seen together and recorded.

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Given West’s ambitious nature, several of his past projects did not drop by the originally set date. so don’t be surprised 2 in frost If it doesn’t launch on February 22 or is scrapped completely like hers Yeezus follow, burnedIt will be released on September 29, 2018.