Kangana Ranaut Reveals In Lock Up, Industry Banned Me For Supporting Me Too Campaign

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These days Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is seen as a host in Ekta Kapoor’s reality show ‘Lock Up’. During this, she shares many things related to her life along with the contestants of the show, which are sometimes surprising.

recently Kangana launches Me-Too campaign Talking about it as a failure and said that the girls he supported in this campaign have disappeared and Kangana was even banned in the industry for supporting those girls.

In the latest episode of ‘Lock Up’ Sayesha had told that a famous dress designer had physically abused her. To which Kangana said, “I think sexual abuse of young people is very common, especially in the film industry, in the fashion industry. No matter how much we defend the industry, it is true… while it is very It gives all the opportunities, it also breaks many dreams and injures people permanently.

Kangana further said, “This is black truth. It’s true that sexual abuse happens in every industry, but they believe that people in the entertainment industry are licensed because they gossip about people’s clothes and victims and say what happened to them. He was fine.”

Kangana said, “Even when Me-Too happened here, what happened to her? Nothing. The girls who came out are missing. Those I supported, everyone is missing. I am in the industry.” Was banned and the girls are missing.”

While revealing about her personal life, Sayyeshaa had told that in her early days in the industry, when she was known as Swapnil Shinde. Then she was invited to his room by a well known Indian dress designer.

First he took sympathy from them by lying and then got physical with them. The relationship of both lasted for some time. During this, Sayesha came to know that that designer had done the same thing with 7 to 8 boys.