Journalist and Writer Jeet Heer rejoins The Nation as National Affairs Correspondent

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Indo-Canadian journalist and author Jeet Here has rejoined The Nation as a national affairs correspondent for progressive politics, culture and opinion magazine. In her new role, Heer will be an vocal part of her portfolio and host a new podcast and newsletter focusing on political culture and cultural politics. “Prodigal son returns full time to award-winning progressive debut with a new podcast, newsletter and title” magazine announced.

Heer will continue her monthly Nation column titled “Morbid Symptoms,” and will “offer twice-weekly posts that grapple with the most fundamental and relevant issues that plague us today.”

The Time for the Monsters podcast was most recently part of Heer’s Bottom Stack, which he wrote last year. “It will now air on The Nation, which says new episodes will be released every Wednesday,” the magazine said.

“I have long admired The Nation’s commitment to dialogue and deliberation, and that is exactly the formulation I will continue to explore in my podcast,” Heer said. “To have wide-ranging conversations that leave space to explore questions and test positions without being educative or dogmatic. And I was more excited to return to writing for The Nation more often at this pivotal juncture in US politics; A time when everything is at stake and nothing is certain, when the revived progressive policies of the past few years have been challenged by revisionist centrists and reactionary conservatives. The nation is an ideal home to continue to define the terms of debate that will shape our future.”

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Meanwhile, The Nation aired the first two episodes of Heer’s podcast. In the first episode, “What the Anti-Abortion Movement Learned from Abolitionists,” Heer talks to Linda Hirschman about the problems of activism in a self-divided country. Episode two, “Tucker Carlson’s Mouthpiece, Glenn Greenwald,” offers an eye-opening conversation with Eoin Higgins about the dissident commentator who purged racism after the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York.

In early February, The Nation named Bhaskar Sunkara, founding editor and publisher of the socialist periodical “Jacobin”, as its new head of publishing and business strategy, and worked with publisher and editorial director Katrina vanden Heuvel and editor DD Guttenplan. a Press release He announced the appointment of Sunkara.