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who do you think is John Easterling?

John Easterling is an American businessman and environmentalist. He is currently serving as CEO and Chairman of Amazon Herb Company. He is also the husband of actress and singer Olivia Newton-John. In his career, he seeks to fulfill his dream of using eco-commerce as the solution to sustainable rainforest and better health for everyone and the generation of wealth. A visionary leader and eco-entrepreneur, Easterling speaks on how the new generation of entrepreneurs are ushering into a new era of health and prosperity. Also known under the name “Amazon John,” he has been involved in the production of several Hollywood films and TV shows such as ‘Big River’ The Bonnie Hunt Show’ and Loose Women. He was born in the USA He was born at Charlotte, North Carolina. He earned an undergraduate degree in environmental studies from the University of North Carolina. The recipient of the SAFE Water Award, Easterling is an ideal role model for young businesspeople. Personally Easterling is a loving and loving husband who enjoys being with his family every day feasible. He is an avid adventurer and has taken part in a variety of adventures in his early years.


After graduating, John Easterling applied for the Peace Corps. But, he resigned from the Peace Corps and traveled towards South America instead, in seeking adventures. Then, he began trading rare stones and minerals, including mountain crystals, roses Opals, and more. The first excavation he conducted occurred a few years after his first expedition. He discovered some Columbus early art and textiles that were later sold to collectors and museums.

In the year 1980, Easterling suffered from hepatitis and was close to death. After his recovery, he began working once again. In 1990, the motor canoe on a river and he started to feel unwell. So, he retreated. Even though he was tired, Easterling still managed to reach a small village , but fell over upon getting there. Luckily, the people living in the village was welcoming to Easterling. Easterling was within the community for approximately three days, during which time the people in the village helped him recover to good health. Along with that they offered him an herbal tea that was specially prepared for him. When he continued to drink the tea and his health improved, his condition significantly. The physical pain he suffered from and mental fatigue diminished to a great degree. He realized that the essential herbs were the true prize.

Then Easterling was introduced to Easterling soon became acquainted with Dr. Nicole Maxwell, a scientist who was searching to find Amazon herbs for more than forty years. He joined his research and the collaboration led to the creation of the Amazon Herb Company in the year 1990. Its headquarters are in Jupiter, Florida, the company also has plantations located throughout and around the Amazon region. It is involved in the production and distribution of herbal products cosmetics, products, and other items that are made of plants. The company abides by the laws and regulations for conservation of nature as well as sustainable growth. The year 2012 saw the Amazon Herb Company merged with an international wellness firm called TriVita.

Relationship to Olivia Newton-John

John Easterling as well as Olivia Newton-John dated for about 15 years prior to when they started dating. Shortly after they started an affair, the couple were married twice in one month. In June of 2008 they got married on the top of a mountain in Peru. A few days later they exchanged vows at the shoreline in Florida to ensure their marriage was legal.

According to Olivia Newton-John Easterling helped her during her battle with breast cancer. Easterling came into her life following her ex-boyfriend Patrick Mc Dermott went missing in 2005, during an outing fishing.

John Easterling and his wife visited Budapest in March of 2010 in order to market their product, including their new Zamu Health Drink. Their next visit was in October, 2010 and John Easterling was with his wife for an anti-cancer walk.

Presently, John Easterling and Olivia Newton-John reside at Jupiter, Florida, near the famous lighthouse. They both spend much of their time travelling in environmental protection, as well as conservation of nature.

Awards and Achievements

On the 12th of October in 2011, John Easterling and his wife Olivia Newton-John received the SAFE Water Award for their efforts to protect Amazon’s pureness. On the 12th of October 2012 they received the honoured by the ACEER Legacy Award for their efforts to save Amazon forests and to promote the protection of the environment.

Private Life

John Easterling was born on April 10 1952 within the USA. He was a student at the University of North Carolina and received an undergraduate degree in environmental sciences from the university.

in 2009 Easterling Newton-John and Easterling purchased the house on Jupiter Island, Florida for approximately $4.1 million. The house became the suicide scene in 2013, when the man’s name was Christopher Pariseleti shot himself while making repairs to the house. The couple bought the house at $5 million in the year 2016.

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