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Joe Moore

Biography of Joe Moore

Joe Moore is a prominent American television personality best known as the main news anchor on KHON-TV in Honolulu, Hawaii, the state subsidiary and main station of Fox. He is also a professional actor and playwright.

Moore grew up in Honolulu and went there Aea High School For three years. the high school Beavercreek High School He pursued a career as a United States Air Force officer in Beavercreek, Ohio, where his father was stationed.

He also attended University of Maryland, College Parkwhere he specializes in communication and history. However, he joined the United States Army two years later. He served on two tours of service with the 25th Army Infantry Division in Vietnam’s Cu Chi during the Vietnam War, and also with his close friend Pat Sajak in the US Vietnam Network in Saigon.

Also, Moore returned to Hawaii in 1969. KGMB In 2003, she worked as a sports presenter alongside her mentor and news director, Bob Sevey. After spending nine years as a member of KGMB’s market-leading news team, he returned to KHON-TV, then a subsidiary of NBC Hawaii (joined Fox in 1995).

A few years later, khon It surpassed KGMB as the top station in Hawaii, that still remains. In 2008, KHON-TV extended Moore’s ten-year contract as a major news anchor.

Dramatic Arts

Moore has appeared in two independent films: Goodbye Paradise (1991, starring Pat Morita and James Hong), Moonglow (2000, starring Joanna Cassidy) and Milo O’Shea. He has also appeared in several episodes of Hawaiian network TV series, including Hawaii Five-O, Jake, Magnum PI, and the Fat Man, One West Waikiki, and Tour of Duty.

Furthermore, Moore has appeared in live theatrical productions. She has co-starred multiple times with her longtime friend, TV presenter Pat Sajak. The two appeared together in Neil Simon The Odd Couple (at the Connecticut Repertory Theatre) in 2001 and 2012, and Moore appeared as the sloppy Oscar Madison. They also appeared together in the theatrical adaptation of The Honeymooners in 2004. The couple starred together in Bernard Sabath The Boys in Autumn at the Hawaii Theater in Honolulu in 2010. They also co-starred in the dramatic Wrestling comedy Ernest Hemingway, which has its roots in the 1993 film produced at the Hawaii Theater in 2014.

He also wrote and starred in Moore, Prophecy and Honor (2007, co-starring George Segal and Richard Dreyfuss). In 2013, she co-starred with Patty Duke in “Heaven Forbid!”, the set of the BBC Waiting for God series at the Hawaii Theatre. In June 2015, Moore appeared in the Hawaiian Theater as James Wicker in the post-Broadway premiere of Terrence McNally’s comedy It’s Only a Play, alongside Linda Purl and Cathy Foy.

Other productions that Moore has written and starred in include John Wayne: The Man Behind the Legend? Will Rogers Returns, Where Does The Buck Stand ;; An interview with Mozart. John Wayne: The Man Behind the Legend; Heydrich Convention, America’s Best Show: Will Rogers on Politics, Dirty Laundry; The Incredible Lawman and Honest Revenge.

Joe Moore Age

How old is Joe? joe it was Born Joseph Brice Moore Jr. in Honolulu, United States of America. However, the details about his real age, date of birth and when he celebrated his birthday are not available. We’ll let you know when we meet them.

Joe Moores Family

Μουρ it was be born and upgraded from him mom and father in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America. His father was a United States Air Force officer at Beavercreek High School, based in Beavercreek, Ohio. However, more details about his parents and siblings are not available to the public. We will update this page as details become available.

Woman Joe Moore

Is Joe married? Yes. joe they are blessed married its beautiful Woman, Teresa. Couple He got married in 1991. together, there is one son named bryce, be born in 1998He is also a member of the KHON team.

Joe Moore Height

Μουρ stand on someone height related to Height is 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m).

Salary Joe Moore

Μουρ takes the average annual income between $40,292 and $110,500.

Joe Moore Net worth

How much is Joe worth? joe have a guess net worth between $1 million and $5 million since 2022. His wealth stems from his career as a television personality.

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