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who Is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star with all of his eccentricities has taken the world of glamour on a frenzied spree, with his beauty-focused music videos and songs. With hot-pink hair and a hefty amount of makeup, Jeffree’s captivating persona has been the talking point for a while and is now a hot topic! From his work as a beauty expert to making use of social media as a platform to show what Jeffree is committed to, Star needs no validation to demonstrate his talent as an artist! Star is also at the forefront of attention for songs that are in the opposite direction with regard to gender stereotypes and cliches. In addition, his self-titled YouTube channel has more than 3.7 million subscribers, and is insane over his insatiable love for fashion and makeup. Star’s music videos are among the top viewed with more than 10 million views, and more! If there’s something you should not overlook the internet, it’s Jeffree Star, and the amazing social media fame. So, go and take in his amazingness!

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

When he discovered his newfound love for makeup when he was 13 Jeffree realized that absolutely that he had to be pursuing beauty and fashion once his time comes around. Following his passion, Star graduated from school and began working at counters for makeup and even contributed his unique tips for beauty to fashion and music videos. After nearly 10 years of experience, things started to change and gave Star his first big stage as a makeup educator and expert in schools across the globe. Not only has his love for makeup led him around the globe as makeup artist, but it has also inspired Star to develop his own formulations of beauty products such as eyeshadow and lipstick. He is now the proprietor of his own beauty line, the idea of developing products that provide all the features they promise has been lauded by as one of the top of the line! However, Jeffree has proven that great style isn’t only the one quality he has He is also loved by millions of people for his talent as a fervent pop artist!

The debut EP, ‘Plastic Surgery Slumber Party’, recorded by Ultraviolet Sound, peaked at No.1 on the dance charts, and was charting higher than big names such as Cascada or Justin Timberlake! Star first increased his following on MySpace and ‘MySpace’, where he often published his music and beauty blogs. Within a short period years, the huge popularity on MySpace made him among the top well-known non-signed artists, putting him in the top tier of social networks. As for the massive social media popularity, Jefree Star is also very well-known on other platforms such as Instagram along with Facebook. The YouTube channel he runs is home to more than 3.7 million users who love his makeup-related tutorials, which mainly reflect the LGBT lifestyle. Music videos by him have caused massive waves and have attracted more than 10 million views as well as his makeup routines with his partner Nathan who is now in the 8-million mark and more!

What is it that makes Jeffree Star So Special

His fearless-don’t-care-about-anything attitude is one that makes Jefree Star a popular name among this generation. Star’s eccentric appearance with tattooed skin and beautiful hair will make anyone take an extra look. Not being negatively affected by critiques, which is the reason Jefree Star is adored by all. And not just that, his attitude towards gender equality has shown that underneath all of the extravagant perfect appearance, he’s an honest authentic, real-life, self-assured guy.

Beyond Fame

Although his social media pages are the home of more than 1 million followers and followers, Jeffree has still somehow got into the negative books of his peers. Former friend and famous tattooist Kat Von D is one celebrities who has openly criticized Jeffree as an acquaintance. A lot of people have also voiced their opinions about the extent to which Star has lost sight of the fine distinction that separates being sensitive from having a laugh or two. In addition, Jeffree Star has also been the subject of attention after coming out about his relationship with Instagram celebrity, Nathan Schwandt. Star revealed that he’s bisexual and currently living in a affair in a relationship with Nathan.

The Secret Behind The Curtains

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger was born on the 15th of November of 1985, California, USA, and is currently living at Beverly Hills. His father passed away at the age of six years old, and he was cared for by his mother who was models. Jefree was a fan of makeup and everything glam after he began playing around with the makeup of his mother every when she went off to work on modelling projects. Now that he’s gained a name that even the biggest stars of the world of glamour are raving about, we are certain that Jeffree is out to expand it!


He was an extra performer in the music video “Shake it’ from the band ‘Metro Station.’

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