Janet Jackson Discusses Michael Jackson Allegations and the JT Scandal in Note.

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Janet co-produced the documentary with Michael Jackson. Janetwith Michael Jackson Michael’s younger brother Randy Jackson.

“Janet has achieved immense success but has also experienced a devastating tragedies,” read a synopsis for Janet. “She has lived a turbulent personal life, in midst of a heightened public scrutinization. Without a single stone to be left unturned Janet takes off the curtain of her personal life first time, and exposes some of the most private moments of the actress ever captured on camera.”

The synopsis further states that “The documentary documents Janet’s return on the stage following a sudden hiatus from her music. She speaks like never before. Janet is also able to discuss everything from the Super Bowl appearance with Justin Timberlake in 2004 as well as the passing of her older brother Michael and the birth of her daughter later in her life. With her own romantic relationship breaking down and she begins to reflect on her life and reflect on the journey she took to reach the top.”

The New York Times documentary Malfunction the Dressing Down Janet Jackson, which was aired in November, revealed the way that TV executives, media and the general public took the blame for Janet on the basis of the incident that impacted her career, but not Justin’s. Then, in 2021 Justin made a public apology to Janet.

“They help you build yourself up,” Janet said in the Lifetime documentary trailer, right before the famous Super Bowl incident was shown, “and then once you reach the stadium, they’re quick to take you down.”