Jali Chocolate Samosa Recipe

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Recipe for Jolly Chocolate Samosa, and Jali chocolaty samosa recipes we’ll teach you how to make the most popular breakfast samosa in India. It is served on all corners of the street. Adults and children alike consume it with great pleasure But nowadays, because of the increasing number of diseases We don’t often take a bite of these samosas on the road. We should try something different at your home today.

The name implies, Jolly chocolate samosa recipe in Hindi along with Jali Chocolate Samosa Recipe in this article, we’ll tell you about a brand new recipe combining chocolate and Samosa. Chocolate is the most popular option for anyone as it is the most popular sweet. It is likely that you have had many chocolate cakes and its desserts, but you wouldn’t have imagined a novel food item like chocolate samosas.

When it comes to festivals visitors have begun to come to the house. In this scenario, it is best to you can keep the exact sweets such as chocolate or khoya before them and they aren’t inclined to eat. The purchase of sweets from the store can deplete our budget, and these days instances of over-adulteration of sweets are emerging to the forefront. In this case the best solution is to prepare sweet and pure of your choice at your home. Then, they can be eaten by the kids and guests with great enthusiasm. Create sweets at home, but make it look like a market but what’s the point? Today, we’ll give you an entirely new style for Samosas, in our article called The Jolly Chocolate Samosa Recipe, in Hindi. Potatoes are packed inside the samosa, and it’s claimed that it is the lifeblood of the dish. Numerous proverbs have been created on this subject the longer there are potatoes in the samosas. In modern times instead of potatoes in samosas we use a mix of raw bananas or finely chop all vegetables, then fill it with making a mix. Today, we’re going to make samosas with the sweetest form, along are topped with chocolate.

Jolly Chocolate Samosa recipe

It is likely that you are thinking what the reason behind its name Jolly Chocolate Samosa, if you look at it you’ll understand it’s vibrant and delightful to behold. We’ll make the samosa dough and then fill it with chocolate. When we make our dough to make normal samosas we’ll prepare the same dough for it. Instead of potatoes you can fill the chocolate with the filling.

  • Quantity 4 for people
  • the time to prepare 1 1 minutes
  • building time 10 minutes

The ingredients of Jolly Chocolate Samosa –

  • 250 grams of flour
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 100 g dark chocolate compound
  • 100gm Milk Chocolate Compound
  • green color
  • oil to cook

Jolly chocolate recipe for samosas

  • First , you need to make sure you use all-purpose flour. add two spoons of oil in it. Apply moyan. For moyan application, place oil into the flour , and then rub it in well using your hands. Then, lift it into the palm of your hand and check whether its laddus are made in this manner or not. If they are being made, that this means that your moyan is now ready.
  • Add sugar and mix it in with some lukewarm or warm water. Then cover it with a clean cloth for an hour.
  • Then, grate both kinds of chocolate.
  • Dividing the batter into equally sized pieces and create pedas. Take a peda, and make the peda into an oval.
  • To create this shape of an oval, blend the green color into half of the water . Then make four cuts to center of other portion. Then lift it up and fold it inwards and make it into the shape of an Samosa. Be aware that the green portion will be inside while the cut portion can be found outside.
  • Then fill it with chocolate filling , and create its shape like a Samosa applying water to the edge.
  • In a pan, heat oil and cook the samosas at a low heat.
  • Jolly Chocolate Samosa is ready.

Jolly Chocolate Samosa can be served hot or cold. Serve cold ice cream in hot samosas and offer it to guests or family members You will be thrilled and they will never tire of them praising your. Samosas can be packed in a container and store it for up to a week.