JAC Board Result in Danger After Ramgarh Refuses to Check Matriculation’s Internship Copy

The Ranchi Jack Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC BOARD) Teachers protesting against the evaluation of Matric and Inter copies resulted in disruption of the evaluation of Matric and Inter copies, according to the latest news.

Teachers oppose grading 70 copies in one day

Ranchi: From May 13, evaluation of introductory copies began. Teachers are expected to evaluate 70 copies every day, but that is impossible. Many assessment centers also oppose it. On Sunday, assessment work was halted in Ramgarh and Bokaro. According to the examiners, the written test was worth half a point, and as a result, Jack more than doubled the number of copies evaluated in one day.

The number of questions in the Matric-Inter exam (JAC Board 10. 12. Results 2022) has not been halved, but the number of points has been halved. Previously, only two to four questions were asked for each full score. In such a case where thirty copies were evaluated before, the responsibility of evaluating 70 copies was given. If an auditor receives all 350 copies for evaluation, he or she will be paid a five-day deduction based on 70 copies per day. If they cannot check that many copies within five days and have to check them on the sixth or seventh day, the examiner will not be paid the holding fee.

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The amount spent on copy evaluation has also been cut in half. The payout for an 80-point answer book at college entrance was Rs 16 per copy, but this time it has been reduced to Rs 8. Reduced to Rs 10. Let us inform you that the cheat check for entrance exams with 50 points or more costs between $16 and $20 per answer sheet. Previously, the same could be halved in less than 50 marks.

Examiners will be identified by a black badge

Midterm exams will be held on Monday at the request of Jharkhand +2 Teachers Association. Comrades have decided to postpone the evaluation work until 12:30. Anger was directed at Jack at the syndicate’s online meeting. If Jack does not rectify the situation, a protest will be made in stages.

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