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ITI Full FormToday in this post we are going to tell that What is the full form of ITI, ,ITI Full Form, Also we will tell you What is ITI, What is the full name of ITI, Why ITI is done, What are the benefits of doing ITI, Who can do ITI, What kind of work can you get after doing ITI etc.

do you want to know ITI ka Full Form what happens? many people ITI And seeing IITs remain confused. They consider both to be the same. Actually they do not know what is the difference between the two? But for your information let me tell you that when Professional Training Course When it comes toI t iThe name comes first. let us now ITI Full Form know about.

ITI Full Form

What is the full form of ITI? ( ITI Full Form in Hindi) | Full Form of ITI in Hindi

Full form of ITI is – Industrial Training Institute, In Hindi it is called Industrial Training Institute. Although many people call itJunior Polytechnic Institute” They say.

ITI is a type of educational institution where the students are educated according to the industry so that they become ready for the arts as soon as they complete the course. In this, they are given more practical knowledge than theory so that they can work well.

ITI Full Form Industrial Training Institute
Age Limit Minimum 14 years, Maximum 40 years
Course Duration one to two years
Available Courses 80+ Engineering or 50+ Non-Engineering courses
Eligibility 10th pass with at least 45% marks
Fees Different fees are prescribed for different courses
Official Website different according to different states

What is the full name of ITI? Full Form of ITI in Hindi

The full name of ITI is Industrial Training Institute. In Hindi it is called Industrial Training Institute or Industrial Training Institute. It is a government training organization that provides industry-related education to high school students.

ITI has been formed under the Directorate General of Training (DGET) of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. In such an institute, technical information is given to those students who have recently passed 10th and they want to get some technical knowledge. However, there are some courses which can be done by eighth pass students also.

ITI courses are conducted in India in two ways, government or private. After completing the training, the students are given National Trade Certificate (NTC).

I = Industrial

T = Training

I = Institute

Full form of ITI in HindiIndustrial training institute” It happens.

How long does it take to do ITI course? (Duration of ITI Course in Hindi)

Courses are conducted in ITI according to different trades. Generally, the duration of ITI course lasts from 6 months to 2 years. It depends on which trade the students choose. If they choose a 2-year course, then their ITI course will be completed in four semesters.

What is taught in ITI?

ITI lays more emphasis on practical knowledge as compared to theory knowledge. The main goal of ITI course is to make the students work worthy. They are given such education so that they can manage the industry. The main objective of ITI is to make the students aware of the rapid technological changes and to develop technical skills in them.

What are the documents required for admission in ITI?

The documents required for admission in ITI are given below –

  • VIII/X/XII Marks Sheet and Certificate
  • Entrance Certificate (if you have passed the Entrance Exam)
  • Merit List
  • Migration Certificate
  • residential certificate
  • Category Certificate (where applicable)
  • Identity Proof like – Voter ID Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License etc.
  • Other related documents as per instructions.

ITI Official Website | ITI official website

Here is the list of ITI Official Website according to each state.

How much salary does a person get after doing ITI?

Talking about the salary, the person who passes ITI gets a salary of 10 to 15 thousand in the beginning. However, this is not correct as it also depends on the trade and depends on the place where the work is done. These trades and places decide how much the cadet will be paid. Also, the more experience you acquire, the more you get paid.

How many courses are there in ITI? , Types of Courses in ITI

There are mainly two types of courses in ITI engineering or non engineering. Some of these are courses which can be done after class 10th and some can be done after 8th. Here we are telling about each of the courses. Also we will tell what is the duration of that course.

ITI Courses to be done after 10th

Here is the name of the course which you can do after 10th.

course name stream period
Tool & Die Maker Engineering Engineering 3 years
Draughtsman (Mechanical) Engineering Engineering 2 years
Diesel Mechanic Engineering Engineering 1 year
Draughtsman (Civil) Engineering Engineering 2 years
Pump Operator Engineering 1 year
Fitter Engineering Engineering 2 years
Motor Driving-cum-Mechanic Engineering Engineering 1 year
Turner Engineering Engineering 2 years
Dress Making non-engineering 1 year
Manufacture Foot Wear non-engineering 1 year
Information Technology & ESM Engineering Engineering 2 years
Secretarial Practice non-engineering 1 year
Machinist Engineering Engineering 1 year
Hair & Skin Care non-engineering 1 year
Refrigeration Engineering Engineering 2 years
Fruit & Vegetable Processing non-engineering 1 year
Mech. Instrument Engineering Engineering 2 years
Bleaching & Dyeing Calico Print non-engineering 1 year
Electrician Engineering Engineering 2 years
Letter Press Machine Mender non-engineering 1 year
Commercial Art non-engineering 1 year
Leather Goods Maker non-engineering 1 year
Mechanic Motor Vehicle Engineering Engineering 2 years
Hand Compositor non-engineering 1 year
Mechanic Radio & TV Engineering Engineering 2 years
Mechanical Electronics Engineering Engineering 2 years
Surveyor Engineering Engineering 2 years
Foundry Man Engineering Engineering 1 year
Sheet Metal Worker Engineering Engineering 1 year

ITI Courses After 8th

Here are the courses that you can do after Anthvi.

Course Name stream period
Weaving of Fancy Fabric non-engineering 1 year
Wireman Engineering Engineering 2 years
Cutting & Sewing non-engineering 1 year
Pattern Maker Engineering Engineering 2 years
Plumber Engineering Engineering 1 year
Welder (Gas & Electric) Engineering Engineering 1 year
Book Binder non-engineering 1 year
Carpenter Engineering Engineering 1 year
Embroidery & Needle Worker non-engineering 1 year
Mechanic Tractor non-engineering 1 year

How to take admission in ITI?

There are two ways to apply for admission in ITI, online and offline. You can apply online from all the above states by visiting the official website of your state. For this, notification keeps coming from time to time. You will have to apply online by filling the online form with the necessary documents within as many days as the date is in the notification issued by the state government.

Then the merit list will be published by the government on the scheduled time and according to that merit list you can be given admission for ITI courses in the institute of your choice.

You can also take admission in ITI course offline. Various institutes issue notification for admission in ITI. Many take admission directly, many take admission through examination. You can collect the admit card from these institutes, fill the admission form along with the copy of required documents and trade of your choice and submit it to that institute. The merit list is given by the institute on a particular day and if your name is in that list, then you can directly take admission in that institute.

What are the benefits of doing ITI? , Benefits of ITI in Hindi

Following are the advantages of doing ITI course:

  • In ITI course, more practical training is given than theory so that students can understand well.
  • You can do ITI after 10th and even after 8th.
  • No book knowledge is required for doing ITI.
  • No fee is charged for doing ITI in Government College, you can do ITI course there for free.

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