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A paragraph is a group of sentences that all help to express one idea. It deals with one single aspect of a subject. The rules for the construction of paragraph are similar to those governing the construction of a sentence, namely, unity, coherence and emphasis.

Like a sentence a paragraph must have unity, that is to say, every sentence in it must be closels connected with the main topic. No unnecessary statement, no irrelevant material should be allowed to appear in it.

Often it is possible to express the topic of a paragraph in one sentence, called the topic-sentence. which is usually placed either at the beginning or at the end of a paragraph. It is also sometimes found in the middle of a paragraph.


The Early Morning in the Country Side

The best hour of the day is the early morning. The dawn comes with the shrill crowing of the cock. The first flush of the morning lends a charm to the landscape. The grass looks glorious.

Dew drops glisten. Flowers look splendid. Plants and fields look bright and fresh. The herdsman drives his flock to the field. The sleepy own wend their way with their tinkling bells. The reaper whets his hook and cuts the grain. Wreaths of smoke rise from hearths. Earth has not anything to show more fair.

Spring paragraph

Spring is the sweetest season of the year. It marks the end of winter’s rains and chilly winds.The blue heaven smiles in the warmth of the sun. The earth awakes.

Seeds sprout. Buds and blossoms fill the air with sweet scents. Blue violets, red roses, pale primroses golden daffodils and white lilies fill woods and valleys, hills and plains, meadows and groves with living colours. The birds are glad.

They hop and play. The cuckoo and the nightingale sing welcome notes. The skylark showers a rain of melody from on high. The ripple of rain, the lisp of leaves, the notes of birds and the pleasant breezes fill the heart with delight in this glorious season.

My Grand Mother

My grand mother is a very pious lady. She is devoted to her religions. She is very old but she gets up early in the morning before the sunrise. She takes her bath and goes to the puja room.

Her eye sight has become weak but she still reads the scripture, especially the sita, every day. After that she goes to the temple. She loves to help the poor and the needy. She is so gentle that she would not hert even a fly.

She carries some wheatflour and sugar and drops the fixture near the holes of the ants. She moves about the house with a stick and a rosary. She tells the beads all day, and rehearses the name Ram a thousand times. Her serene face with her white silvery hair reflects the peace in her pious soul.

A Street Hawker

A Street hawker is a moving shop-keeper. He carries his goods on his back or head or on a handcart. He goes to a locality and cries his wares. His customers come and gather around him.

He greets them with a smile on his face. He gives a smile to those who have none. He is a very clever person. He knows how to sell his things. He earns his living by using his tongue and a tone-a friendly great help to women and children. He saves them from the trouble of going to market. His life is hard but he makes our life easy.

The Policeman

Who has not seen a policeman? He is seen everywhere, wearing his uniform. His belt carries his number in the police force. He guards government property and protects peaceful citizens.

He works hard to maintain law and order. At times he has to face dangers durng strikes and rallies by demonstrators; he has to face angry crowds and stones. And he has to weild his lathi or burst tear-gas shells to disperse the mob.

Sometimes policemen are killed in encounters with terrorists and anti-social people. He is also called upon to render help when a flood comes or a big fire breaks out. In short, he is a very useful public servant who performs his duties without fear or favour.

Hard Work is the key to Success

Hard work is the key to success is a well-known saying. There is no doubt about the truth of this statement. Nothing good or great can be achieved without sustained effort and hard work.

Even a genus has to work har d to become a master of his art. He who wants to succeed in business will have to work hard and take few holidays in the beginning. No nation became great overnight.

Greatness is attrained by steady work and single-minded devotion to the task in hand. Rome has not built in a day. It means that great undertakings require time, toil and patience. There is no alternative to hard work. Hard work keeps a man busy, contented and satisfied.

Those who shirk work are always worried about simething or the other. Hard work may not yield ready rewards but it does pay in the long run.

Better alone than in Bad Company

Van is a social animal. He needs company to save himself form boredom. He needs friends to share his joys and sorrow. But it is not easy to find good companions in this selfish world.

Most of usare attracted by people who pose to be good and great. But actually they are not so. You should not be lured by such people. They can lead you to an evil path and destruction.

They make you cultivate bad habits smoking, drinking, drug-taking and gambling. A man is known the company he keeps and such combany is bound go give you a bad name. I would like to live alone than be in bad company.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

There is an old story of the carter whose wagon got stuck in the mud and who prayed to Hercules to get it out for him. The god (Hercules) said to him, “Put your own shoulder to the wheel, man!” The man took the advice.

He and his bullocks got the waggon out of the mire(mud). There are in real life many illustrations of the saying, “God helps those who help themselves”.

There are many stories of men wh themselves fought their way from poverty and hardship of success. Their own sweat and toil brought them greatness and fame. None comes to the help of the idle who beg and beg for help. But people do come to the heop of those who work har to get out of their difficulties.

ToErr is Human, to Frogive Divine

“To err is human, to forgive divine,” said Pope. It is quite true. We all make mistakes. However hard we may try we cannot help making mistakes.

Even great men make make mistakes. God alone is infallible. God is merciful also. He forgives our mistakes. We often pray to God. “Forgive us our trespasses”. And our sins are forgien us. In the same way if a man makes a mkstake, he should be, forgiven, not punished for his err. Forgiveness is twice blessed.

It blesses the man who forgives the erring and the man who is forgiven his mistake. Besides, forgiveness wins over the hearts of the erring. To forgive is to be godlike.